The Most Gorgeous Commercial Ever Made: Selling Smartphones to Street Photographers

Say what you want about mobile photography but this theatrical promo for Samsung and mobile street videographer Alfred Pleyer is gorgeous. It’s very pretty and there’s no way around that. On looks alone, this has me sold. But what is the commercial promoting exactly? Technically, smartphones but mostly Samsung smartphones. Then this one purposely unsneaky point: Smartphones render you invisible.

Although if, like Pleyer, you’re a foreign body in a foreign land, you’ll never be completely unnoticeable. But partial invisibility is still a valid selling point for street photographers. To capture the life in a face, one must be as close as possible. Why let technology get it the way? This is reasonable. In fact, it may help a street photographer connect personally with the people around her. But it may also give too much . . .  I don’t know . . . power?


Samsung – The Mobile Photographer from Mark Prime & Lee Hanson on Vimeo.

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