Cool Google Street View Hyper-lapse Will Amaze

Seeing the world through the lens of the Google Street View is fascinating. The guys at Teehan+ Lax have posted a video of the Google Street View Hyper-Lapse which might be the best video seen so far.

The guys at Teehan+Lax posted this video yesterday, and I have to say it’s pretty amazing. They created it using a photography technique called hyper-lapse. This means they merge normal time-lapse with sweeping camera setups fixed on a specific point of interest (instead of keeping the camera in the same spot, they moved it around).

But what makes this truly innovative–or perhaps lazy, depends on your view of technology and art–is that they created this hyper-lapse with Google’s Street View photography. No photos were taken by their own hands. Nope, all of it was created by those black and white Google trucks, roaming every street, dirt road, and city block across the country.

What’s more, the guys also created an web app allowing you to create your own Google Street Hyper-Lapse!

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