Google Glass Light Meter: Best App Ever?

photography light meter app - Google Glass Light Meter

When I first heard about Google Glass, I thought I was getting pranked. Then, the first videos trickled in. There was no denying Google Glass was real. Somehow, someway, they actually worked and were selling. Then, I forgot all about them — until today. And if I had $1,500 to spend, I might buy a pair just for this photography app.

It’s called Light Meter. Developed by LeicaLux, it works by using Google Glass’ light sensor to read the ambient in front of you as you look around. From that, you’ll get three readings: one at your aperture then another a stop above and one below. According to PetaPixel and PC World, the photography light meter app might actually be useful. If you already have a pair, why not download a hands-free light meter?

Read more about it here.

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