Gavin Phillips

Gavin Philips Interviewed : A Photography Journey Of 2.5 Decades

We are excited to host this fun interview with Photographer & trainer, Gavin Phillips. Over the course of the past 25 years, Gavin has not only taught photography but has taken  several workshops on Photoshop as well.

In one of his photography interviews, Gavin Phillips expressed his love for teaching. He said, “I really enjoy teaching anything, this could be Photoshop, HDR Photography, or even Tennis. Learning how to teach different people teaches us about ourselves.”

Gavin is an avid learner, who loves to experiment & learn new things all the time. We are super excited to give you a sneak peek into Gavin’s journey, so read along & watch the entire video. We are sure, you will enjoy this insightful fun interview with the man himself.

For Gavin Phillips, It all started 2.5 decades ago when he first got introduced to Photoshop. He was really intrigued by the many different ways one could manipulate a photo using it. 

He quickly got hooked to his newfound passion and purchased a lot of books to study this software.  He started helping out other photographers with Photoshop to improve their editing workflows. His photography journey started when digital became prevalent and reasonably priced.

In this interview, Gavin talks about the changes in photography & communication throughout his career span of over 25 years. 

We also had the opportunity to ask Gavin about his photography product StudioMagic, which is loved by our customers on It’s one of our hot sellers so you should definitely get your hands on it. Don’t believe us? You can have a look at its reviews.

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