Friday Hilarities: Awesome Photo Prank Gots Me Gigglingly Hard

Photo prank is something everyone loves to do and capture a memory of too. Before I explain what’s happening in this video, let me point to the funniest reaction in the entire thing. It starts around 2:27, but before you see that you should watch the whole video. So let me explain it. Youtube star Jack Vale has a creepy prerecording loaded on his phone. He then asks strangers to take his photo and they see this prerecording. That should give you all the context you need to understand why it’s so funny.

Did you watch it? Pretty cool, huh? His reaction is amazingly genuine and in the face of the internet age, heroic. He would be someone I like to take on the world with. Think about it. Who would you want on your side when zombies overrun the Earth? I would want a person who can laugh. Laughter brings about courage. It eases the edge. Loosens the nerves. Have a good time watching this Photo Prank.


Via PetaPixel

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