Here’s a Free Posing Guide that Will Not Make You Run From How Ugly It Is

Digital Camera World

There are many posing guides. Some of them are really great and some are not. In fact, some of the worse seem like they were created by a middle-school kid hoping to make a quick dollar. These are the ones you can smell miles away. Lazy title, bad images, no cover, just illustrations of ugly upon ugly, with no worthwhile knowledge to impart.

This free posing guide is not one of these.

This one is from the people at Digital Camera World (who — like I’ve mentioned several times before — are really great at making this handy and free cheat sheets). This guide is for portraits in particular, and has many great poses. It also has a flow guide for the best way to go from pose to pose and helpful tips for anybody starting out with portrait work.

Download it below.

Posing Guide that Will Not Make You Run

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