Free Issue of Goodlight Magazine for PhotoWhoa Readers

Good Light Photography

Beauty photographer Michael Zelbel has graciously offered our users a few free editions of Good Light magazine for the iPad. The magazine contains tips on good light photography, shooting models, ideas for creating great light, and interviews from prominent beauty photographers. If you have an iPad, you have nothing to lose.

Follow these steps to get 3 months of free access. Your free subscription will not turn into a paid subscription at any time, but if you like the magazine, we definitely suggest getting a paid subscription in the future to support the people who make all the free content possible.

Step 1 – Download & install the app from the iTunes App Store. On your iPad you can simply go to Or you can search for “Good Light”

Step 2 – Open up the magazine in your iPad’s “Newsstand”

Step 3 – Click on the button that says “Subscribe”

Step 4 – Tap on “Current Subscribers” and type in this code glmag856

Step 5 – Download the issues you want for free. You’ll get 3 months of free issues.

Enjoy everybody!

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