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Changing the Weather Is Now at Your Fingertips – Nature Projects Review

“A change in weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves.” This is a quote from famous French novelist Marcel Proust.

How many times have you found yourself waiting for the perfect weather or the light of a perfectly timed sunset to gently glaze the earth’s surface so you can take that ideal picture?

Nature project allows you to take control of the weather. It allows you to take control of your image-making process with a user-friendly, easy-to-use editing interface.

As any photographer knows, even with thousands of dollars of equipment you can’t control the weather. All of that is about to change with this cutting-edge weather-changing software.

nature projects package mock up

Who Can Benefit from the Use of Nature Projects?

Professional photographers are obviously the ones that can benefit the most from using this software since an investment in this tool will certainly save them time when making an image and save a lot of money on unnecessary equipment.

In one word it will optimize their performance. Having that in mind, it’s perfect for those who are amateur photographers that want to create a beautiful picture in nature and don’t want to wait for possibly months for the perfect weather conditions.

This is especially true given the prevalence of amateur quality photography. Everyone around us takes a lot of pictures with a particularly convenient mobile device.
You need a way to make my photos have a higher standard than the average amateur.

walkthrough of nature projects user interface with features highlighted

Capabilities of this Software

The software does not overlay meteorological phenomena such as light or fog on the image as a predefined graphic, but it does generate the image with mathematical accuracy in a matter of seconds.

The program adapts to the image and always provides the best results. In other words, it means a very realistic effect without repetition!

nature projects demo composite with half a tree in sunny weather and the other half in rainy weather

What Are the Software Highlights?

The software is capable of manipulating weather conditions and image sharpening and composing in night and day. This includes changing from night to daylight in your images. Changing form fog and clear, snow shower and rain shower. 

The weather can be picture perfect in any photograph. An excellent capability of imitating the splendor of natural phenomena.

Supports Plug-ins for AliveColors, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel PaintShop. It can be used for Windows and Mac and supports RAW files.

Take Your Creativity to the Next Level

Now you can do so much more. Not only produce a light effect but provide proper light in the form of dark skies and rain.
The strength of these effects can be completely and easily adjusted to suit your needs using sliders.

If required Weather randomizer will generate random weather conditions to provide a surprising element. Change the weather with the push of a button. It happens so many times that you notice that your photos do not truly portray the beautiful days and times you remember.

The day of the week, the time of the year and the lighting have a great influence on the rest of the photograph.
The subject, composition, and focus are not the only factors that make a good shoot. Lighting is important.

With customizable weather conditions, you are finally in control of all the variables. The lighting and mood of your photos are now interchangeable with just a click of your mouse like in the example picture below where the weather and mood are completely changed depending on how you decide to use the software.

Final Thoughts

nature projects demo composite with half terrain in sunny weather and the other half in night weather

On vacation, you often get enough of making the same images again and again. The same exact blue sky, white clouds, and sunshine.

Lenses tend to be annoying when capturing memories.
Too often pictures take seem great on a lens lose color and life if the background is not adjusted and modified.

To bring it back to the life you need a tool that can change the weather, since it is impossible or hardly conceivable to just flat out change the weather you can just do it after taking a picture for an affordable price with Francis Software – Nature Project

Most of the tools on the market just create graphics and overlay them with images, so they look ineffective and unrealistic. Very important and memorable moments in life must be committed into everlasting memory with a picture.

But so often the pictures of these moments don’t come out as planned. Imagine taking a picture of a bride by the window and the lightning on the bride is off. Either not so bright or too bright.

It would be near impossible to fix it without this software. But now it’s so easy because all you have to do is use a slide bar to adjust lighting with mathematical precision.

That is why this tool will allow your photos these amazing background picture enhancing effects that will bring out the scene while emphasizing the photos and giving them a new reality.

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