Frank Doorhof

Frank Doorhof Interviewed : On Pursuing Photography As A Passion

We are glad to host this fun interview with famous portrait photographer Frank Doorhof.

In this video, you’ll get a sneak-peek into his life as a portrait photographer. We are sure you will enjoy watching this interview as much as we loved hosting it. Catch the complete interview below for some heart to heart conversations with Frank Doorhof.

Frank’s love for photography sparked long ago when he was a kid. He was always drawn towards photography. Capturing photos with a film camera mesmerised him. In this interview, Frank shares a back story of how he got his first film camera and later got more drawn towards videography.

Frank Doorhof also talks to us about how one could perfectly tell a story through a single moment captured in a photo instead of a video. This was the reason he later continued capturing stills instead of videos. His first digital camera was a Canon-10D which he mostly used for capturing action shots of birds, animals, and sports.

Frank Doorhof shares an interesting story of how he got into model photography. It was a local photography club where he had to choose model photography as a topic for his assignments. He never thought he would, but ended up enjoying model shoots more than he had imagined. From someone who loved capturing action shots to capturing model portraits, it’s a story worth listening to. In this interview, you will also understand the importance of proper lighting for photoshoots.

From managing his computer company and later having his own photography company, Frank’s journey is really inspiring. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert photographer, Frank Doorhof shares some of the most important lessons he has learned in his career and we are sure you will find it worth your time. So come along, let’s learn from this portrait photography genius.

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