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18 Striking Tips For Female Poses To Dazzle Your Photoshoot

Striking female poses can make a world of difference to your photoshoot results!

A picture is worth a thousand words! Sign, you have heard this adage a million times already…Yet, there is no going back on its reality. In this instance, we are referring to the way striking female poses can go on to make a HUGE difference in the way your photoshoot eventually pans out.

That is the reason, here we share 10 striking tips for female poses that will go onto dazzle your photoshoot completely.

Importance of Posing

Before we get to the female poses themselves, a word about the importance of posing during photoshoots (and typically in all photos!) is warranted.

Essentially, it is because of the flurry of emotions they evoke in onlookers; the same photo – with the same person, can evoke a wide array of emotions in viewers, simply based on varied poses that are stuck in them.

That is the reason – as a photographer, it is essential that you place adequate importance to the poses struck by your models.
With that said, let us now dive into the poses themselves.

#1 Posing while not showing the face

Hands Covering Face Female Pose

Strange, you think? Well, not so much when you consider the mystique this evokes among viewers. They don’t know the model, thus heightening their curiosity.

At the same time, think about product photoshoots – say a watch, for example. Simply showing the model’s hand wearing the watch brand in question, without the face, compels viewers to focus on the watch.

There could be myriad other instances that you could think of in this context.

#2 Posing with the face

Possibilities as far as female poses with the face are concerned, are practically endless.

Here, you could play with facial expression, the way the hair is done, the angle at which the photo is taken, and so on.

As we mentioned, there are practically endless possibilities in this situation.

model With Hair Covering Face Pose

#3 Female Poses with hands

beautiful woman holding hair pose

Here, the hands play a crucial role. As with the watch example we cited above, in this case, there may or may not be any props involved. You could simply have your model in an array of hand poses, using them differently in each instance.

Remember that appropriate poses in this instance work wonders in case of portrait shoots.

#4 Posing with accessories

Again, the possibilities are endless here. Moving female poseson from the watch example, think of a handbag your model may pose with, or perhaps have a certain kind of jewelry on her.

Each of these accessories is meant to accentuate the overall appeal of your photo.

Ultimately, it will really be your skill where you get your model to adorn female poses where she is as much an attraction of your pictures, as the accessories themselves.

photo poses for women using sling bag

#5 Posing while standing

simple poses for females while standing

This is among the best female poses for showcasing the entire female figure. Such a pose immeasurably exudes confidence and charm.

Here, you can try various poses such as hands in the pocket – or in the air, leaning against the wall, and so on. While working on attire product projects especially, the standing pose works wonders.

For portfolio shoots, you can also think of standing female poses where you create a Bokeh effect amidst a crowd such that your model stands out from others.

#6 Posing while sitting

Herein too, you can use your imagination vividly to come up with excellent photoshoot results, such as portrait photos.

Think of settings that add charm to your pictures, with your model sitting on a high chair with minimal to no other props, on a couch, on the stairs, on a higher surface wherein you shoot from below, and so on.

woman sitting on stairs pose

#7 Nude posing

naked woman posing in front of a mirror

Once you have established adequate, appropriate rapport with your model – who is aware (well in advance!) of a nude art photoshoot being planned, you can easily get a barrage of nude female poses without any qualms.

Yes, the model needs to be comfortable not just with the shoot itself but also with her body; with that confidence being exuded, the results are bound to be nothing short of remarkable!

This is especially true in case of boudoir poses!

#8 Female Poses For Senior year

To give you a background, these are female poses struck by relative newbies who have not been a part of professional photoshoots previously.

While this might increase some effort on your part, it also makes it easier for you to experiment, trying out a variety of poses with minimal fuss. Otherwise, seasoned models can be picky and put-on unwanted tantrums.

In this instance, you can really go with the flow with ease!

smiling girl portrait pose

#9 Glamour posing

glamour model posing idea

Here, you can conjure up a variety of sizzling female poses that are sensuous and at the same time, elegant without being corny.

Think about risqué dresses, seductive expressions, and so on.

Glamour poses are without a doubt a lot of fun for models and photographers alike!

#10 Wedding Posing

Wedding photographers are easily some of the most sought-after professionals out there. In fact, wedding photography is a coveted specialization where only a few make it to the top.

If you are just starting out, we suggest looking up female poses in the portfolio of established wedding photographers. Gradually, you will get a hang of things, ensuring you have wedding guests – and of course the couple in question, posing in the most charming way possible.

happy bride photoshoot poses for women

#11 Silhouettes

standing woman sunset silhouette

Poses might not always include showing the face or the expressions of the subject. At times a silhouette can also speak 1000 words. With the body language & the play of light & shadow a silhouette is a piece of art that will hone your art as a Photographer.

1 thing to remember while capturing a silhouette is to capture the right angle, an angle in which your subject’s body & structure is best justified & the theme of the shoot is not compromised.

The backdrop for a silhouette also plays an important role. It has to be mellow enough to focus attention on the subject & amped up enough to grab your attention as the audience of that still.

#12 Posing With A Play Of Light & Shadow

Light is everywhere & so is a shadow but striking the perfect balance in between the 2 is what will get you your peace of art. Natural frames like fences, door or window grills, nets are a natural source to cast a uniform shadow on your subject.

While working with natural light, the position of the sun also plays an integral part in casting the shadow. The ideal time to shoot hence is dawn or dusk, the light around this time will give you a soft yet dramatic feel.

windows grills shadow on face pose for woman

#13 Outdoor female poses

outdoor photography poses for female in garden

Posing outdoors might seem like an elaborate task because you are at the mercy of nature. You can hardly control if anything goes wrong. 

So playing safe with classic poses like coming out of the greens, standing next to a source of water with a play of reflection, the straight look at the sun, coming out of a doorway, walking on a crowded street among many others can be attempted with ease.

#14 Indoor Posing

With indoor posing you have a lot to experiment & work with. Right from capturing headshots to capturing full and half portraitures. You can use indoor locations like office space, a house, a sports complex, a hotel among innumerable other possibilities. 

The posing here can be mellow, composed, expressing more with the face than the body. Or you can go all out with creating dynamic & active portraits like a nude shoot, a dancing shoot, an eating shoot among many others

female model posing indoor

#15 Dramatic Posing

model touching chin pose

Drama is subjective. Something that can be too much oomph for someone can be very normal & acceptable for the other. Dramatic posing hence is a very tricky sword you need to work cautiously with.

While Dramatic posing the main asset is your face. Holding onto strong expressions through the shoot can make or break the pose. To show boldness & to add drama it’s always advisable to capture the photo from an angle where the body looks broad, strong, & assertive.

Hands always need to do something or the other and need to be visible in dramatic posing. You can have 1 leg before the other for a full portrait that adds to the height of a model.

#16 Formal Posing

Dressing the occasion is where you need to start. Being formal doesn’t mean being boring. You can experiment with colors, textures, style etc of your look.

The posing must be the classic folded hands, hands in the pocket, hands on the knee, hand on the chin, hands on the waist. Legs crossed, legs tucked back, standing with feet slightly apart & walking while looking away.

woman with laptop on lap pose

#17 Caught-In-Action female poses

happy woman holding a hat pose for portraits

The classic hairbrush is a pose that never goes wrong. This pose makes your hands look leaner because of the angel, your jawline look sharper because you are slightly looking upwards, your waist looks leaner because you stretch your torso while you are in action.

Among other things, capturing dancing portraits, sportspersons, people running their day to day errands in a market place are interesting shots that need not be guided to pose right.

#18 Low Key Posing

Posing where poses are not much of an importance. The temperament of the model, the expressions she holds, the comfort of her clothes & location are things that culminate to creating that low-key pose.

These poses usually outshine during a street photography shoot & it is a great exercise when it comes to developing your mind to shoot great portraits.

happy woman lying on floor pose

#19 Maternity Posing

beautiful female poses for pregnant females

Isn’t having a baby difficult enough that now you want to pressure the mother into looking appealing & posing right for the shoot!

Well don’t worry you can make her life easier. Revealing bellies, Side profiles, heart on the belly are the things of the past. It’s time to amp up your maternity shoot by adding the essence of Boudoir to it. Make your model not just look beautiful, but feel beautiful with some intimate shots of her in her most blossoming days! Capture the 9 months as a happy memory that your clients would love to cherish.


Clearly, there are so many possibilities as far as female poses go. Ultimately, it is your charm, presence of mind, and experience which will get your female models to pose in the most striking way preferred!

Let us know how did you like this article! Let us know which pose you loved the most! 😉

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