Four Generations of Daughters Captured in One Unedited Family Portrait

Against Fleeting Memory: Four Generations of Daughters Captured in One Unedited Family Portrait 

Recording, whether onto tape, video or photograph, is conceivable to nearly everyone alive now. That’s why when I found this video I was positively overcome. Four generations of beautifully inspiring women captured within one single portrait. The great-grandmother 101, the grandmother 79 and the youngest 29. Talk about heartwarming, it is nice to see the internet come up with videos like these and photographers like Chamonix Thurston-Rattue imagining a concept like it.

Since we all know nothing is guaranteed, at least there will be a photograph, somewhere, someplace holding us through time. Our voice or image translated into digital ones and zeros outlasting the chaos of memory and guarding what’s precious (thundering piano music).

101 Years of Beauty — Four Generations from Chamonix Thurston-Rattue on Vimeo.

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