Do You Like Experimental Photography? Then Go See This Exhibition

Experimental Photography Artie Vierkant

The taste of Experimental Photography is something that needs to be developed. A place that’ll nurture your love and passion for photography and help you change your perspective toward Experimental Photography.

If you’re in the New York City area, go here now. If you love photography and have $14, go here now. Need an something to do, go here now. Why? Well there isn’t any absolute reason why, but I’ll tell you that the most current exhibition at the International Center of Photography has got me absolutely, positively, giddy. Old school giddy. Ice cream truck giddy. The kind of giddy you get when you meet someone who’s extremely easy to talk to, easy to relate with, easy to listen to; the kind of giddy that usually only comes from a rare kind of moment. It’s that field-trip-in-elementary-school-can’t-wait-but-must-wait type of thing.

Okay, enough about my giddiness. Now the details. If you have time, the exhibition will be on view through May 4, 2014. You’ll get to see work from 21 emerging and established artists, all curated to explore the range of creative experimentations that have taken place since the 1970s. From fantastical nude Polaroid self-portraits to contemporary camera-less photography, What Is a Photograph? explores how light, color, composition, format and subject can be reinvented and reimagined. You have to see it.

What Is a Photograph? @ the International Center of Photography.

Image via ICP, Artie Vierkant, Image Object Friday 7 June 2013 4:33PM, 2013. © Artie Vierkant, courtesy Higher Pictures, New York.

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