Even Polaroid Cameras are Digital Now

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Hong Kong-based company Carbon has created a digital camera that takes “polaroids.” It looks exactly like a mini version of the SX-70 One Step instant camera. It takes 5-megapixel retro-style photos that have the iconic Polaroid border. With the printer attachment, you can print your photos instantly like a real Polaroid.

There’s not many functions to the camera. After turning it on, you simply snap your photo, and that’s pretty much all you can do. The camera is automatically set to focus on everything from 3.9 feet to infinity.

Best Polaroid Cameras - carbon one mini

Images are stored on the included memory, but there is also a micro-SD slot if you need to add any more memory. Like any digital camera, you can transfer the images to your computer with USB if you don’t want to print them out directly from the camera.

Here are some sample photos:

Best Polaroid Cameras - Even Polaroid Cameras are Digital

Best Polaroid Cameras - Instant Polaroid Cameras

Best Polaroid Cameras - Digital Polaroid Cameras

You can get best polaroid cameras for $125. It might make for an excellent Christmas gift.

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