Erik Almas’s 10 Steps to Become a Photographer

Although there is no guaranteed, or certain, or even defined way to becoming a professional photographer, there is a bunch of advice floating around the web. Some of the tips are hackneyed, salted and just plain dumb. Others are vague and abstract, almost treatise-like and no closer to the truth than a dream’s epiphany. But, then once in a while, out of the dark reaches of the interwebs, out of the dense flow of info roaring through the youtubes, some sound and possibly reliable advice comes forth.

This video from famed advertising/fine art photographer Erik Almas is one of those good–though not totally groundbreaking– videos. In it, Almas gives his 10 steps to becoming a photographer, and they’re not too bad. My personal favorite is the fifth, “Connect…with the place or person you are photographing. Find an emotional as well as visual perspective”.

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