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Edin Chavez Interviewed: Following Your Passion To Create Your Niche

A photographer who indulges in his art never shies away from experimenting and yet creates his own niche by choosing his love for capturing landscapes and cityscapes, Edin Chavez has truly lived the life every one of us only wishes to live. Not just capturing natural or manmade beauty but also creating stills that have absorbed the experience is what distinguishes Edin’s art from the world.

We were privileged to get a chance to interview the man himself. Read along to know more!

  • Being a lover of speed and adventure, does adventure or sports photography interest you as much?

I do some sports photography but my passion is in landscapes and cityscapes. I will rather be the one doing the adventure sports. 

  • Name a place you have been to or want to visit, which has been above them all.

This is a tough one, I have been to many places and they all have their charm to them. I love them all and end up going back a few times to discover and explore the place as a local would. 

  • Which landscapes do you like to capture? Oceans, canyons, cityscapes or anything else?

I love them all, as long as I am there for sunrise or sunset I will take any. That being said, I am drawn to the water.

  • What was the 1st thing you did after winding up a well-settled painting business and starting off in photography? Any memory you want to share?

I started traveling like crazy. I would get on the internet and purchase random flights to random places. It was like I was free to do anything all of a sudden. It was perfect.

  • Being an animal lover have you tried wildlife photography?

Living in Florida I have access to the Everglades and go there often. I love wildlife photography, it’s a nice way to spend time with wild animals and try to understand them. 

  • What was your main inspiration behind starting WalksofMiami.com? Tell us something about that journey.

I saw a hole in the market. There are all kinds of tours out there but not many photography ones. So I decided to give it a go and now we are the number one Photography tour company in South Florida. 

  • 1 gear that you can’t leave the house without?

My camera and a 24-70mm lens. That’s a must for any adventure. 

  • Do you travel to places to capture, or do you capture the places you travel to?

Ha, I travel to places to capture. My camera is the best excuse to explore the world. 

  • Summing it up, what will be that 1 piece of advice you’d like to give budding shutterbugs all over the world?

Just keep shooting, do not compare yourself to anyone, and never think that the photographer you see online has it going on. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Keep working on your craft and focus on your passions. Once you do that, the sky’s the limit.

As Edin Charvez rightly mentions everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. Art can’t be compared and it’s subjective too! The work and the story of Edin Chavez has inspired millions and continues to do so for decades t come.

The artist has been in different scapes capturing the essence of each place while adding a dash of magic from his side. Capturing the big picture while never missing out on the slightest of detail is what best defines the style of the artist. You can check out this Real Estate Photo Editing Course by Edin Chavez to get a stride ahead of your competition.

You can check out some more amazing stills by Edin Chavez and a humorously precise self-introduction about the man on his website.

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