How to Carry Your DSLR with a Tablecloth: A DIY for All You MacGyvers

Have you wondered if you could carry your DSLR with only a tablecloth and belt? Lug it around in your very own MacGyver contraption? Well, I know I have. But since I don’t have the arts & crafts know-how or the imagination of a Michael’s regular, that curiosity, that desire, that wonder, was left in the dark. Until now . . .

This is a DIY video about doing that exactly! Yes, this video will teach you how to — first — find a tablecloth (they’re usually found on a table or linen closet — my project was sort of more difficult considering that I don’t have a table or linen closet, so I had to buy one, which wasn’t very expensive), then it’ll show you where to place the camera and cut the fabric. The most difficult thing about the whole project is of course trusting your own cutting instincts. If you’re like me then it’ll be hard. My hands are in a constant tremble.

In seriousness, this is a pretty cool DIY project. Not sure I would ride my bike with it though, like in the video . . .

Do it & Carry it – Chapter 1. from Carryology on Vimeo.

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