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Dan Hecho Interviewed On Creating Art & Not A Photograph

In today’s day & age where everything is superficial & express, to go back in time to find the roots is something which barely a few people do. In a time where being old school is being old fashioned & uncool, Dan Hecho with his creations has set a new benchmark for creativity! As he mentioned in the interview, he draws his inspiration from The Renaissance paintings & rightly so, his work is a reflection of exactly that!

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Here is an interview with the man himself!


Dan Hecho


  1. What drove you towards photography & specifically nude photography?

Ans.: For me, photography is a reflection of the inner world of a person. In the world of forms, the most perfect and beautiful is the form of the female body, in fact it is an expression of beauty as itself. My goal is to show and bring beauty to our world.



2. Is there anyone in the photography business you look up to?

Ans.: My inspiration is Renaissance painting, not photography.


Dan Hecho

3. What is your ideal process of starting with a nude photoshoot?

Ans.: For me, photography is always pure creativity and no preparation. I need a model, natural light, and a camera.

Dan Hecho

4. Was there any particular photoshoot memory you’d want to share?

Ans.: All my shootings are an amazing process of creativity and I love each of them.

Dan Hecho


5. How do you select your models? Is there any particular model you love to work with? If yes, why?

Ans.: I prefer slender models in which the structure of bones is well-read, it is more graphic and interesting to me. I like models that can live emotions in the frame, and not just pose.



Dan Hecho



6. If not nude photography, then what would be your second choice in photography genres?

Ans.: I like to shoot ballet as well





7. How did teaching happen to you? Or was it always a part of the plan?

Ans.: Photographers seeing my work asked to share secrets and I began to teach.

Dan Hecho

8. Do you aspire to relocate to other parts of the world, to showcase your art? Or will you be true to Ukraine forever?

Ans.: I traveled to more than 30 countries with my masterclasses, I want to do it further. Art has no boundaries.


Dan Hecho

Dan Hecho


9. You have trained thousands of students to carve their niche in nude photography. What would you like to say to the other thousands who aspire to learn from you?
Ans.: Learn to be yourself, listen to your inner world and reflect it in your work.




You can check out the personal artwork of Dan Hecho on this link, & for some smashing nude presets you can click here.






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