A Simple Cropping + Composition Tutorial to Improve Portraits

With cropping photos and compositing them, being one of the most dicy, tough and tedious tasks. There is hardly any way when you think of getting towards perfection quicker. With people acing at using various software, and the others inclined more towards envisioning the image before it is captured. Striking the balance between both is a tough task. The vision of a photographer can compose an image with all it’s elements even before it is captured, the post-processing rework of compositing and cropping photos in these cases are exceptionally low. To help you understand these concepts better I was in the search of an easy to understand video tutorial.

I found this tutorial that teaches some general whys and hows of properly cropping photos specifically portraits. Instead of telling you which points are best like an infographic would, this short tutorial visually demonstrates which points you should crop and those you should avoid. Plus, it guides you to the best tools available in post-processing composition.

Of course the best tool for any photographer is your eye behind the camera. And that is the essential point of this video: starting your composition in-camera usually provides the best results. But if you need a refresher or just would like to know something more, this video will help.

Cropping People from Photofocus Video Channel on Vimeo.

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