Why is Creativity so Difficult?: PBS Will Teach You How to BE Creative

If you ever find yourself struggling with yourself, thinking about how unbelievably hard it is to trust yourself, trust your own creative energy, then this video is for you. But if you’re like me and find yourself struggling with both yourself and videos like these, which make creativity seem as controllable as exercise, then this video isn’t for you. If you don’t care about how you get to your goal, and only care about achieving it, then judge the video for yourself.

Personally, I find this video unsettling. I’m confused by the title and what the title means to say. “How to be Creative” is not saying “How to Understand Creativity”. I prefer the understanding. Imagine if you were taught how to be creative and fail at it. How then would you judge yourself? If creativity becomes expected, then it will be demanded. But like trying to force yourself to sleep when your mind’s not having it, you’ll just end up struggling against everything you’ve been taught. That being said, it’s just a title.

The video — the content — is great. You’ll learn a lot from it!

Via FStoppers.

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