A Quick Photoshop Tutorial on Masking for Composite Photography

I bet you must be stuck when it comes to naturally masking and organically compositing an image with the bare minimum resources you have in hand. I’m sure the struggle to be quick must be making you compromise on the quality and it’s natural and organic feel and the perfections might seem crazy and time-consuming. Well, I know many who are still fidgeting. A composite photography tutorial for anyone and everyone alike, this video tutorial is for sure path-breaking!

Although I’m hardly an expert at Photoshop, I know a good tutorial when I see one. And this video from commercial photographer Michael Herb is one of those . . .  it’s kinda/sorta funny and to the point.

But more importantly, it’s easy to understand and detailed over-the-shoulder guide to a quick image masking technique Michael uses for most of his composite photography. He goes over each step that’s necessary and provides some good insight into why his technique works better than others.

Even better, it’s not too boring or too long.

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