Walking on Foot for a Year, You’ll Grow a Beard: Here’s Photographic Proof

Sometimes, I can’t stop myself from being amazed. Some things are impossible to ignore. This video is one of them. Found on PetaPixel and from 2009, it’s old but still pretty cool. It’s a timelapse of Christoph Rehage‘s trip around China. Walking for a year — yes on his two feet — he stopped every now and then to take some selfies. This is his photographic journal.

I want to share it with you partly because of obligation (I need to share it, and you need to see it) but mostly because of its tucked in little gems of inspiration, beauty, wonder, or whatever you call those little sparks of feeling that make your skin jump. For instance, take a look at 2:47. Even though this is an artificial expression meant to highlight what Rehagh’s feeling, it’s a perfect narrative moment within the timelapse. It’s a moment that makes the rest of them worth it.

Humanity’s still got it!

Via PetaPixel.

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