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Product Review: Mastering The Digital Camera Course By Chris Weston

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Chris Weston is a professional wildlife photographer whose work is exhibited globally, and many private clients around the world enthusiastically collect his fine art prints. Initially starting a career in IT sales, he decided to switch his line of profession completely back in 2001.

Today his commercial clients include the likes of BBC, Daily Telegraph, Guardian and The Independent newspaper, and National Geographic, to name a few. You can also visit The Marylebone Gallery in London to ponder over much of his brilliant work.

According to a recent study by, at the moment, nature and wildlife photography has no distinct classifications pointed out as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, the attested median earnings for photographers in 2018 was $36,280 a year or $17.44 per hour.

Nonetheless, we do know that professional photographers can earn a decent amount of salary. In light of this information, let us now review this definitive guide by Chris Weston entitled “Mastering Your Digital Camera”.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is designed to cater to the needs of photographers who are simply beginners and first-time DSLR camera users and any photographer who wants to get off the automatic mode and start shooting better photos.

Unravel the mysteries of digital photography as this course takes you on a journey to discover what your camera can actually do for you in an accessible and easy to understand manner.

If you want to produce professional-quality results consistently, then this course is indeed for you. You will not only cover landscape and architecture photography but also delve into fashion and Chris’ own favorite wildlife photography as well.

Learning Outcomes

The course itself focuses broadly on simple steps that amateurs can learn and acquire professional skills and techniques that can help them in taking great pictures straight away. Instead of confusing terminologies and technical jargon, Chris utilizes a direct approach to learning and offering an in-the-field tuition style that instantly grabs your attention.

He goes on to point out some valuable on-the-button tips and shares with you sample images. Thus providing your mind with the assurance you need to understand the concepts he relays to you throughout the guide.

The approach and angles he takes to explain to you the technology is simple, clear, and to the point with no mumbo-jumbo involved that can make anyone’s head spin. 

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Things Covered in the Course

Here is a quick overview of what he covers in detail throughout the course of his video guides and with the aid of written materials.

  • Basic Setup

Here beginners would get to understand the basics of how to prepare the camera and its various settings. Chris also informs about the difference between JPEG and RAW files, as well as how they can be used.

  • White Balance

The look and the feel of photos can greatly be altered through the use of white balance how neutral colors can be rendered correctly. White balance is a fundamental aspect of image processing and can really help users deliver amazing results with the right adjustments.

  • Perfect Exposure Part 1

The first part on the topic of exposure covers hands-on and simple maneuvers that allow users to understand the concept’s principles.

  • ISO

ISO can be made to work differently and is very much a useful function of the camera, which is why Chris advises users to deploy it wisely. He also explains how users can avoid ruining their images.

  • Perfect Exposure Part 2

The final and second part of the camera exposure delves into additional elements revolving around the topic. This section of the course reveals further aspects to master the exposure and its settings.

  • Focus

A photo without a focus may seem like a wasted effort. In this part of the course, Chris reveals the secrets to acquiring pin-point sharpness and detail in pictures every single time a user wants.

  • Buying Lenses

Lenses are an essential part of your unit, and they can bring in various augmentations to your already powerful device. However, lenses are expensive, and here Chris’s expertise can help you guide towards more effective lenses while sticking to a predefined budget. 

  • Practicing

No one is perfect, and there is always room for improvement. The practice is, therefore, mandatory to achieve finesse in photography. If you don’t put your skills to the test, then they will simply rust with time. Students who have taken this course have also applied for assignment to help UK so that they can give ample time to practice with their new digital devices. 

  • Lighting

This is a bonus module and a gift from Chris to the users. Here he tells you about the usage of the right lighting and managing lighting conditions. Visual Flow is of great importance when it comes to photography. You can learn it in this course.

While concluding, I would say that this course offers comprehensive video tutorials and 244 pages of course material, including notes, sample photos, as well as training exercises. As expected of Chris, this is indeed a fine effort on his part to convey valuable and practical knowledge that enthusiasts can start implementing and improve upon their photography skills.

He is an eloquent teacher, and the course is well put together, offering you clear advice and delivering incredible learning all packed into a comprehensive and short space of time. The qualities of the videos are nice, and this makes the overall course really enjoyable.

Not only are the explanations full and complete, but the entire course is profoundly taught and efficiently delivered. 

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Product Reviewed By Amanda Bennette.


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