Confidence & Control: How to Shoot like a Pro

Confidence is a trait not everyone can imbibe. But mastering to capture with confidence & control will only help you shoot like a pro!

Think of this video as a highlight reel of Digital Rev’s many adventures with some of the most visible photographers/teachers around. Or think of it as an introduction, a summery, of what it takes to become a professional photographer. Either way you look at it, you know you’ll get to watch and learn some awesome stuff and see all the familiar faces — Chase Jarvis, the Strobist, Zach, the whole family.

But mainly, you’ll learn something you need to know about improving. You’ll learn that photographers adapt to the situations around them, as its happening, and as it evolves, just like you. There’s no secret sauce, or magic formula that will make you a professional overnight. They learned just the way you are. By practicing, by messing up, and by remembering what works. Or as Kai puts it: It’s all about Confidence to experiment and Control to see through it.


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