Canon Lens Challenge: Find Your Favourite Lens and Shoot

What’s your favorite lens? Your macro? Your 50mm? Your zoom? Why is it your favorite canon lens? I know my favorite is the wide. I like the distortion, the perspective, the space afforded to you. I guess it reflects how I think — and write. It easier for me to see the general perspective. Details are too imprecise for my mind. I fancy the power to capture more than you can see, biologically.

And this video is fun. It’ll get you excited about your lenses again (assuming you ever lost interest, which you shouldn’t!). Featuring Guy Sebastian and Guy Monro, the video distills a competition to its finest moments. The funnier bits, basically. And — although it’s a commercial — I enjoyed it most sincerely. These were fun 5 minutes about the Canon lens.


Via Iso1200.

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