Learn How to Capture Great Time-lapse Photography

Although it would seem simple enough, getting a really beautiful time-lapse photography can be a headache. Beyond finding an interesting subject, or a good vantage point, or even picking the right lenses, you got to worry about the mathematics of

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This TED Talk Will Inspire You to Stop Slacking

We all know TED talks are an excellent source for some great talks by the world’s smartest, and most innovative, artists, scientists, and politicians.  So it was no surprise that I found this, tucked deep within TED’s brillance. Although it’s a

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Erik Almas’s 10 Steps to Become a Photographer

Although there is no guaranteed, or certain, or even defined way to becoming a professional photographer, there is a bunch of advice floating around the web. Some of the tips are hackneyed, salted and just plain dumb. Others are vague and

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Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Photoshop Skills

This is a guest post by photographer/blogger Sarah Hewitt. Photos by Kevin Tang. Photoshop is an incredible tool for anyone interested in design, art or image manipulation.  It allows you to make the most ordinary image into something spectacular with

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