7 Cheap Photography Hacks that You Need to Know

Cheap photography hacks that are a no brainer Recently, I noticed that our most popular posts have been those that don’t stray too far away from photography — pretty obvious, right? Well, I wouldn’t be a faithful photography blogger if

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Cheap Camera Challenge: Benjamin Von Wong Style

One of the most imaginative and epic portfolios we’ve ever featured has been Benjamin Von Wongs. There’s fire. There’s water. There’s action. It’s Hollywood stuffed into a Jpeg — you should really check out the interview! So I was really excited to

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Do You Want to Achieve the Perfect Tilt Shift?

You’ve watched The Social Network by now — right? It’s a great movie. If you haven’t seen it, go and see it! It’s about facebook and evil twins and greed — and about the contemporary obsession with obsession. Anyway, in that

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10 Easy Photoshop Tips Every Beginner Should Know

10 Easy Photoshop tips from Terry White Terry White is one of my favorite YouTube personalities. He’s not about cats, food reviews, unboxing videos, or pranking strangers. He’s the voice you go to when you need to learn about any

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