Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create Naturalistic Lens Flares

lens flare photoshop - sddefault

Lens Flare Photoshop Tutorial

When shooting outdoors and facing the sun, or backlighting in a studio, the option to include a lens flare is always there. But that doesn’t mean your best photo from that shoot included it. If you’ve ever wanted to go back and include a lens flare, or another beam of light, then, with this lens flare Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to do that, naturalistically.

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Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create Vintage Effects Using Textures

photoshop textures tutorial - Vintage Effects Using Textures

Photoshop Textures Tutorial

If you’ve never used textures in Photoshop before, then you’ll need to see this photoshop textures tutorial video. It’s a great introduction to using textures to create eye-catching effects. Specifically, you’ll learn how to create an authentic vintage effect that looks more than a pasted-on filter. And when you can achieve that, you know you’ve got yourself a great technique.

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Photoshop Tutorial: How to Remove Noise from Your Photographs

photoshop noise reduction - Remove Noise from Your Photographs

Photoshop Noise Reduction Tutorial

If you like shooting at night, like I do, noise can be an issue. But if you thought there was nothing you could do about it, you’re wrong. Because in this video, you’ll learn a short-and-sweet (oh jeez that’s how I do it!) method to removing and hiding noise in your digital photographs. It only takes a few steps using Photoshop’s Camera Raw filters. In fact, photoshop noise reduction so simple and uncomplicated that telling you more would make the video unnecessary. So watch it for yourself. It’s really great.

Also we have an awesome deal on noise reduction software – DeNoise at flat 70% off which you might like.

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20 Minute Tutorial: How to Create Double Exposures in Photoshop

Create Double Exposures in no time.

Create Double Exposures - from Phlearn

Double exposures have always been one of my favorite tricks to do with photography. I love having a tried-and-true method to making the mind associate one thing with another.

Easy juxtaposition, cool effect. Though, with film, it was even better because you had to go outside and shoot both frames right after each other. No preview. Just imagination. Yet that doesn’t make it better than using Photoshop. Only different.

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7 Cheap Household Items You Need in Your Gearbag

DIY Photography tips using household objects

The passion for photography is an expensive pursuit. First, before buying anything else, you need to buy a camera body. And we all know that this isn’t something you cut corners on.

DIY Photography tips using household objects

Then, after dropping a few hundred, you have to buy your newest lens, and this baby isn’t cheap, either. And then when you think you’re all done, you realize you’ll need to buy more gear. More lights, more stands, more reflectors, more!

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Adobe’s Tutorial on Using Curves to Edit for Color and Tonality

Photoshop curves adjustment to improve color and tonality

photoshop curves adjustment - 1

Using curves doesn’t have to be intimidating. In all honesty, it can be as friendly and approachable as Adobe’s own Bryan O’Neil Hughes. Don’t know Bryan O’Neil Hughes? Don’t worry, before this video, I didn’t either. He’s Photoshop’s Principal Product Manager (PPM). And he’s the main attraction in this tutorial, more so than the information. I was astonished at how smooth he is. He’s as TV friendly, as they used to say, as any Adobe guy/gal I’ve ever seen.

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Summertime Retouching Tutorial: How To Remove Tan Lines With Photoshop

photoshop skin color

Photoshop Skin Color and Get Tan Free Images

It’s summertime. Besides being the best time in the year for basking in as much light as possible, it’s also the worst season for skin damage. So what’s the worst sunburn you’ve had? Although I’m dark, probably darker than all my friends, I’ve had one of the worst sunburns in my life a couple years ago. Like any mistake in life, this one resulted from pride. I had imagined that, being as tough and invincible as my inner self had me believe, I’d never get sunburn. But floating down a river in the middle of Texas, with more than enough booze to kill three grown men, shirtless for three hours, I realized the sun will burn anyone.

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If You’re a Street Photographer, You Need to See This Documentary Now

William Klein Photography

If you want to learn anything about street photography, fashion photography, or just photography in general, you need to watch this William Klein photography documentary. One of the pioneering street photographers and all-around badasses to ever come from New York City, Klein invented a space for grainy, in-your-face, un-photogenic experiment. He’s the o.g. — if you don’t know him yet — for all the vulgar and the raw, all the darkly beautiful sweet stuff. If the phrase “anti-photographer’s photographer” makes you swoon, then this is especially for you.

But I want to apologize for something before you click play — READ THIS FIRST — the subtitles are ugly, unnecessary, and unavoidable. They almost get in the way of any actual lessons you might learn. Several times during the video, I paused it and coughed, staring outside my window and wondering whether I’ll ever be able to withstand sh*t typeface. I know this annoyance is irrational and petty, but it still stung me enough to warrant a disclaimer. That said —

Please Enjoy!

Via American Suburb X.

7 Cheap Photography Hacks that You Need to Know

Cheap photography hacks that are a no brainer

Cheap Photography

Recently, I noticed that our most popular posts have been those that don’t stray too far away from photography — pretty obvious, right? Well, I wouldn’t be a faithful photography blogger if I didn’t show you this video. It has been making its way all over the photography community (upwards of 6K shares!), and if you haven’t seen it, then here you go.

Seven simple tricks and tips that are easy to use. Although they won’t blow your mind, they will make you want to visit your nearest Michael’s. They are very DIY. My favorite? #7, of course. Who wouldn’t want to change the shape of their bokeh?


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