Is Street Fashion Photography Making Monsters or Gods?

Garage Magazine released this short documentary about a week ago. Besides being a commentary about today’s newly democratic fashion photography opinion-makers, the short offers a brief history and overview of the fashion bloggers, street photographers, and of course models, making

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Sweet Dodging & Burning for Skin Tutorial

I’ve been looking for a good video tutorial for skin dodging and burning and came across this one by Jason Southern. I know a lot of beginning retouchers are confused as to how dodging and burning can be used to

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Adam Marelli: How No One was Born a Photographer

Adam Marelli, a photographer, and artist shares, his insight on how visual design teaches a photographer how to evolve forward. He believes there are very few born artists. Most stumbled in search of that elusive form.   His remedy is common

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A Free Guide to the Best and Worst Portrait Crops

Have you ever wished there was a trusty photography cropping guide? One without boring (longwinded) literature about the mathematics and was just dead-on. Digital Camera World has released a print-friendly and clean infographic showing exactly where the best places to

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