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Smart Posing Tips to Capture Perfect Male Portrait Photographs

For anyone who is used to photographing females, shooting male models photos poses can be an intimidating task. The entire atmosphere on the photography set might feel different if you are about to photograph a male.

For starters, it is important to get into why this is so. And an understanding of these reasons might actually help you de-construct male models photos poses.
It is no surprise that women and men are different from each other.

When they come to be photographed, they come in with different expectation, goals and images attached to them already. The trend of the day dictates that female portrait photoshoots usually revolve more around fashion and glamour. Hence, photographing them involves focusing more on their beauty, makeup, clothes and accessories.

This might not be the case with male portrait photography poses. Unless the photoshoot is for a fashion label, male portrait photoshoots rarely emphasize clothing, accessories or enhanced beauty.

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[Free webinar] 5 Keys to Amazing Wedding photography

wedding photography webinar - Amazing Wedding photography

Join Daniel Usenko, a veteran wedding photographer as he shares his secrets on what it takes to get a PERFECT wedding photograph in this wedding photography webinar.

Daniel explains his philosophy on what makes a great photo as he breaks down step by step how he is able to capture incredible photos that made him an international instructor and world-renowned photographer that he is.


Date: 18th AprilMonday

Time: 11am PDT


Check out his work

wedding photography webinar - Amazing Wedding photography pro

wedding photography webinar - learn Amazing Wedding photography pro

wedding photography webinar - Amazing Wedding photography

Learn from a pro to become a pro wedding photographer with our wedding photography webinar.


Photography Website

A to Z of a Photography Website

Digital photography and web development have progressed parallelly. Showcasing photos on your website is the best way to acquire a following. Building your own website is pretty easy nowadays, with tools such as Flash, Dreamweaver and content management systems like WordPress at your disposal. Sourcing content from social networking sites like Flickr, 500px, and Instagram onto your website is the best way to make it the hub of your online presence. This article aims at giving an insight into building a photography website that rocks the house.

Photography Website

What are the characteristics of an excellent photography site?

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Photoshop Tutorial: How to Give Yourself Realistic Looking Facial Hair

photoshop hair masking - Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop Hair Masking Tutorials

There are few things existing in this world — and I am being completely honest — that truly matter. Only a handful of things. A good cup of coffee is one. A great conversation is another. An addiction to living — yes, this, too. But, among these things of things, there is only one thing that matters. One so special it will change your life. It is this Photoshop hair masking tutorial. It is the only thing that matters.

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New to Street Photography? 8 Things You Need to Learn

learn street photography - Street Photography

If every genre of photography has its stereotypical shooter, street photography’s stereotype might be one of the worse. Starting with Weegee, the street photographer’s image hasn’t improved much from the idea that only confrontational young dudes, or old grumpy grandpas like Bruce Gilden, practice it. But that’s cool. Street photography isn’t for everybody but you can still learn street photography basics easily.

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Lighting Tutorial: How to Build Your Own Monster LED Panel

diy led light panel - DIY LED Panel

Here is a DIY led light panel tutorial for everyone struggling to get good clicks. Saying light is important to photography is like saying the color is fundamental to painting. It’s obvious enough to be a joke. But what isn’t a joke is saving money. Unlike a painter, a photographer can bankrupt themselves buying equipment fundamental to their work. That’s why I needed to share this video with you. In it, you’ll learn how to build your very own super-bright LED panel for about $70.

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Photoshop Tutorial: How to Remove Wrinkles (Not That There’s Anything Wrong With Them)

photo wrinkle remover - Photoshop

Photo Wrinkle Remover Technique in Photoshop

It seems like I’m crushing real hard on Phlearn right now. Another video to show you, another paragraph explains how great they are. Although in this video, I have one issue, I think. It’s nothing big, nothing too serious. It’s more a disclaimer I have put at the very beginning: wrinkles aren’t bad!

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Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create a Sin City Portrait

photoshop portrait tutorials - Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop Portrait Tutorials for Social Media Profiles

Sin City was a great movie. Everybody I knew in high school watched it. It was one of the most iconic films of the 2000s. In honor of the newest sequel, Phlearn has made a tutorial geared toward its most die-hard lovers. In it, you’ll learn how to make your portraits look like they belong in the film.

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Nobody Will Punch You if You’re Smiling, Says Street Photographer Thomas Leuthard

street photography tips

If you want to keep your street-photographing experiences pleasant, you can’t forget to smile (or else just go out with a group), says well-known street photographer Thomas Leuthard. Now, of course, Leuthard isn’t saying you’ll avoid all confrontations while shooting street photography simply by smiling, but most bad encounters, Leuthard thinks, only happen because either the photographer or the person-being-photographed has dismissed positivity and adopted a bad attitude. He shares a few street photography tips to help you do a better street photo shoot.

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