What Will Photography Be 10 Years From Now?

Photography is evolving over and over again. It has too many lovers; some are professionals; some have photography as their hobby; while some are just enthusiasts. Somehow, photography is hitched with many if not all. While keeping demand of its lovers alive, the latest photography trends are playing a great role in shaping the future of photography. Cameras & lenses are becoming more sophisticated and easy to use, no matter if you are experienced or amateur.

While I was stuck at what more could be to photography in the coming 10 years, I was quick to reach out to some of the photography experts…

Let’s hear it out from our experts on what they think photography could be in 10 years from now…

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A Guide To Clicking Exceptional Landscape Photographs

Literally put, Landscape Photography is a form of landscape art where the focus of the image is nature and natural landscapes. Usually what tourists would choose to be a scenic natural ‘background’ would be captured in its essence for it to be a landscape photo.

Landscape Photography - techniques for landscape


Image courtesy Pete Piriya

While a lot of people would just swap a picture of a lush green garden on their phones calling it landscape photography, all professional landscape photographers understand the importance of tuning their skills and knowledge – some time for years – to master the art of clicking masterpieces.

And most of these photographers also agree with the need for such pictures to be taken from an environmentalism point of view. Continue reading →

Mastering the Art of Street Photography

mastering street photography - street photography
Of all the types of photography prevalent in current world, street photography has a niche of its own. It has a ton of ardent supporters & enthusiasts, who indulge in this genre of photography. So what is so special about this photography technique? Why would photographers think of shooting in the streets while they could have shot beautiful pictures in a serene location or in the confinements of a studio?
In this article, we will cover the intricacies and the motive behind shooting on the streets and also guide new street photographers the tips and tricks for a perfect shoot.

What is Street Photography?

Street photography is all about capturing random encounters. In this type of photography, you as a photographer can expose yourself to different situations and capture the raw emotions of everyday people, from all walks of life. It is not a necessity that you must shoot on a street or near an urban local, capturing pictures in public places too comes under this genre of photography. Continue reading →

Boudoir Photography In a Nutshell

Photography is an art. It is a perfect way to immortalize a moment, which can be relished in the future. Even though a simple photo does the same, but there is a huge difference between casually clicked pictures and those clicked with great precision, and by abiding by the essential techniques.

In this article we would be emphasizing on a special type of photography technique, called Boudoir and find out all related details and concepts revolving it. Without further ado lets dive in and find out about this fine art called Boudoir photography.

What is Boudoir photography?

The Boudoir photography technique is not a new kid in the block. Rather such photography technique have been practiced since the 1920s. In this technique images of sensual women are clicked in luxurious hotel suits and under different lighting conditions. The models generally provide different erotic poses or are captured in candid moments. In these shoots, models are generally women, but sometimes also involve couples or men. The wardrobe or clothing of choice during boudoir shoots consist of exposing clothes or lingerie. Commercially, these images are often of brides to surprise or rather excite their to be husband, on or before their wedding day. Also, these photos can be the result of capturing someone’s weight loss or makeover. This photography technique can be termed as a subtle amalgamation of fine art nude photography, with a touch of glamour. Currently boudoir photography is getting a lot of attention from the masses and is no longer considered taboo.

Boudoir photography - emphasize Boudoir Photograhy

How to shoot boudoir photography?

While shooting boudoir pictures, you should take care of every minute details. You should emphasize on the subject along with the dress and make up they would be putting on. Also, equal stress should be provided to ambient lighting, furniture, eye position of the model and how to make shadow act to your advantage. Continue reading →

Why we love PhotographyPla.net!

After several months or rumors and anticipation Adobe finally released the latest version of Lightroom, which is known as both Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC. As a celebration of the launch PhotographyPla.net is offering a limited time discount on a bundle of more than 100 Lightroom presets for just $29. The regular price of these presets would be $115 if you purchased the 5 included packs individually, so the bundle offers a 75% savings.

Lightroom Landscape Presets How Cool is That?

PhotographyPla.net’s presets are compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC. This bundle will only be available through May 15th. You may be familiar with PhotographyPla.net from some of their deals here at PhotoWhoa. We currently have a deal running on their landscape Lightroom presets, and you can also get a set of their Photoshop actions here.

Also, checkout these 20 free lightroom presets for portraits. They are specially curated for portraits and gives amazing effects.

Here is a look at the presets that are included in the bundle.

Film-Inspired Lightroom Presets

A set of 30 presets inspired by film photography.

lightroom landscape presets - film

Matte Lightroom Presets

A set of 43 presets for beautiful matte Lightroom effects.

lightroom landscape presets - matte

Cinematic Lightroom Presets

A set of 15 presets that will give your photos a cinematic feel.

lightroom landscape presets - cinematic

Haze Lightroom Presets

A set of 10 presets that are great for outdoor portraits and landscape shots.

lightroom landscape presets - haze

Cross Processing Lightroom Presets

A set of 22 Lightroom presets for awesome cross processed looks.

lightroom landscape presets - cp

Visit PhotographyPla.net to get the lightroom landscape presets and preset bundle..

Shoot What Makes You Happy

PhotoWhoa’s “Shoot What Makes You Happy” Photo Contest

Hey, photographers! We’re holding another photo competition 2015. The last one was too much fun. Over 1000 photographers entered. And you left us wishing we could have given away more prizes. But wishing isn’t doing. So we’re very pleased to announce that you have another chance to win.

We’re keeping the idea simple for this contest. You just have to shoot one thing that makes you happy. Yes, that’s all. Shoot what you love. No genres. Nothing’s off-topic. It can be something that always makes you happy or something that made you happy today.

Some ideas: photograph an old friend, a new one, your dog, your husband, your wife, your city, your night sky — whatever, however. Just has to be one thing that has made you happy. The entries may be any genre. You decide. (Keep it legal, though.)

As for me? This makes me happy. Everytime.

A glass of Sangria and talks about everything under the sun with my BFF’s

photo competition 2015 - Sangria

For now the prizes are a surprise, but we’ll announce them along with the jurors soon! Again, just shoot what makes you happy. The contest is now open and runs through Midnight PST, 5th May. The winner will be announced on 9th May. Selected photographers will be sent instructions to claim their prize.

Submit your entry for photo competition 2015 here

Beauty Photography Lighting Videos

Beauty Photography lighting setups from Michael Zelbel

Beauty Photography Lighting VideosCreate dramatic and beautiful photos by learning Michael Zelbel’s amazing lighting setups. Zelbel’s informative videos make learning both entertaining and simple. No expensive lighting equipment is required. You’ll learn how to replicate his lighting setups with just speedlights (Zelbel’s lighting tool of choice) and inexpensive light modifiers. The four videos included in this package cover boudoir, dramatic beauty, high fashion, and one-stand lighting.

Lighting setups for your boudoir shoot

In the wintertime, I prefer a bedroom above any other location. So let’s discuss a lighting setup for your boudoir photo shoot! The setup will work for you even in tiny bedrooms and you won’t need a lot of gear. Watch the video to understand the setups and then go try it out yourself.


Dramatic beauty lighting with Speedlights

Here’s a way to achieve a beauty light with some drama in Speedlight photography. You place a shoot through umbrella right above your model. It works wonders – even in small and narrow sets like a group of three models in a regular hotel room.


High-fashion photography lighting with speedlights

Here’s an example of high fashion photography lighting with speedlights. The briefing for this photo shoot was to photograph 6 garments with two models in just two hours.

Setup a “one light stand” … in the hotel?

You don’t need 10 lights to take a great photo. In this video, Zelbel demonstrates how you can take a beautiful photo in a small hotel room with just a one-light setup (via greg). Perfect for a dramatic look and also for bodyscapes.


If you liked these videos then check out more beauty photography lighting tips at SmokingStrobes.com

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The Genesis of our Blog

cool photography stuff

My name is Kevin Tang and I’m one of the co-founders of PhotoWhoa (cool photography stuff and deals site).

For the past year we’ve been on a mission to help you discover photography products that we think you’ll love.

Our blog will be an extension of that mission. We will be finding the cool photography stuff on the web and sharing it with you guys. That includes tutorials, videos, interviews, and much more.

Also we realize that not every product at PhotoWhoa fits every consumer. On our blog we will be sharing our personal insights about each product that we sell at PhotoWhoa so you have more information to make an informed decision. If we’re selling a retouching software, we’ll show you extra before & afters that our team created using the software. If we’re selling a tutorial, we’ll interview the talented photographer who created the tutorial. Hopefully, this will allow you to make better choices about what product will fit your needs.

But besides just helping you discover awesome photography products, our goal is to help other fellow photographers become amazing at their craft. To that end, we’re going to write and curate amazing informational articles for you absolutely free.

Stay tuned.