This is the Greatest Photographer in the World

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Best Professional Photographer: Chris Bauer

Sometimes you need to take a break and have a laugh. Or, at least, make an attempt at laughing. Sometimes all you need is a stupid joke, like the ones you said in school. Something short and sweet. If you’re in need of that laugh, then I found a funny video looking through the photography blogs you might like.

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We Need Your Help Photography Lovers, says NASA

night time satellite images - Help Photography Lovers

Night Time Satellite Images by NASA

If you’ve ever had dreams of working with NASA, now’s your chance. Though I’ll be honest, you won’t get to go to space, or even have to leave your bedroom. All you have to do is help them sort through millions of satellite images of Earth. In doing so, you’ll make accessing their archives of rare satellites images much easier for other researchers and scientists.

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Quick and Painless iMo Strap Giveaway

unique camera straps - Quick and Painless

Update: Winners are Kasia M, Elizabeth Scott Pool, and Joaquim Ribeiro – email [email protected] to claim your prize

iMo Strap approached us with a quick and painless giveaway for one of their straps. For those of you that don’t know, iMo Strap is a producer of really cool unique camera straps for photographers who want to show off their individuality.

Here’s how to win:

Step 1) Like iMo Strap on Facebook

Step 2) Like us on Facebook

Step 3) Comment on this blog post with which strap you like the best. Go here to search for your favorite strap here. We’ll choose 2 people to get a free iMo Strap.

UPDATE: Deadline has been extended 3 days.

We’ll choose a winner on August 20th, 2014 and announce it here and on our Facebook page.

Need Some Street Photography Inspiration? Check Out This Doc

street photography ideas - Street Photography Inspiration

Going through Fstoppers today, I ran into a really great doc that has inspiring street photography ideas, I knew I had to share. It’s short, less than 10 minutes, and about street photography. Considering the lack of educational products out there about street photography, I’m beginning to realize that these docs and sites like Eric Kim’s might be the best way for street photographers to learn and get inspired. That’s why I wanted to share this one.

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How to Tell a Story in a Portrait: 6 Fashion Photographs & 6 Real Fictions

portrait photograph - Fashion Photographs Real Fictions

In the world’s greatest short story, written like something Jorge Luis Borges would tell, there exists a sentence which captures the entire universe in the image of a single word. The reader, once encountering it, would see a world thereto entirely unknown open up, and, within it, she’ll finally remember what the ancients called life’s essence, what poets describe as light within light, and what a photographer once called our atomic instances. Out of all them, it’s the photographer, she’ll say later, that comes closest to explaining what she saw. Eventually, this reader would become a photographer, and the story, now taking her part, would repeat itself, for infinity.

When you sit down and stare at your favorite portrait photograph, what do you see? What do you feel? Are you sure that what you are perceiving truly existed? Most photographs are taken within a short burst of light. If we average it out, I’d say it’d be 1/100th of a second. 1/100th of a second is quicker than the quickest glance. 1/100th of a second is shorter than shortest memory. 1/100th of a second is the slightest twitches, the tiny instances that build larger worlds. When I look at portrait photograph, when I’m asked to write about them, the only help, the only context, the only voices I hear are illusionary. How could I trust that moment? What am I seeing?

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XTRAPOP App for iOS: Put More Panache in Your iPhone Photos


What happens when the PhotoWhoa office gets a brand new iOS app to play with? Puro magic, that’s what. Above is co-founder Kevin Tang — the wizard behind the veil finally revealed! — looking like a cross between a fashion-minded viking and a debonair bandit. The photo was made using XTRAPOP, available now at the Apple App Store. Besides being incredibly easy to use, it’s a great new way to accessorize and glamourize your every iPhone photograph. Get it now!

Click below for two more pics (including one of me)!

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NYC’s Met Releases Over 400,000 High-Res Art Images for Free Download

high resolution art images - NYC's Met Releases Over

Download High Resolution Art Images

If art is your thing, then the world just got a little better for you. New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has just okayed the free educational use and download of over 400,000 artworks in their collection. This means as long as you’re not commercially benefiting from the image, feel free to download it and paste it into any scholarly essay, treatise, or manifesto, you can write up. It’s all part of their Open Access for Scholarly Content (OASC) initiative. Just go here and find anything with a OASC tag. If it’s marked, then enjoy yourself an image so large it’ll make you squeal.

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Hate Photoshop? Want to See Andy Warhol Struggle with One of Its Predecessors?

If you’re like me, falling asleep never happens easily. It usually requires a thoroughly planned routine. If you’re like me, one of these rituals might include imagining how historic thinkers, artists, or even presidents, would have fared in today’s world. For instance, imagine Abe Lincoln saying his Gettysburg address while thousands of moms and dads photograph him with their bedazzled iPhones. Or imagine Albert Einstein having to call a Uber while visiting New York City and cursing how expensive it is.

Now imagine Andy Warhol — the most famous artist in the second half of the 20th century — playing with Photoshop. Well, if that’s what you want to see, then I got a video for you. It’s, in a word, surreal. And I had the creeping sensation that it was fake, but it’s not. You should watch it in its entirety. It’s well worth your time seeing one of the greatest visual artists ever make the same kind of junk we all used to make with MS Paint.


Via Fstoppers.

Philip-Lorca diCorcia Caught Mid-Haircut and Explaining His Hustlers

You know you’ve made it when even your haircuts are getting filmed, meaning you acquired enough credibility to be seen caught in the middle of something.

fine art portrait photographers - 1

That’s the reason I love this video with one of the master fine art portrait photographers Philip-Lorca diCorcia. Besides having some great insights about his well-known project Hustlers, it’s also made mid-haircut. Much respect. If you want to see diCorcia smocked up, arms crossed, and talking about age and how to get better as a photographer, then this is for you.


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“Something in the Eyes, A Life that’s Lived”: See One of the Best Street Photographers in Action

Bruce Gilden is one of best street photographers. I love that he cusses a whole bunch, doesn’t give a damn, and makes amazing work. Of course thinking about it for a bit, you get to wondering why he is the way he is. Why does he go on the streets the way he does? What drives him to go into full confrontation mode, though he says he doesn’t like confrontation? What does he look for?

Best Street Photographers

I think this short video gets to answering some of those questions, especially the last one. From watching it, you may easily say that he’s looking for story, for a look that means this person hasn’t lived looking mostly at themselves, or what’s immediately apparent, but has full-heartedly lived knowing that we’re all carrying some important truth, some hidden light, some note that needs to be heard. Put in a less trumpeted way, he’s drawn to sincerity. But I’m sure you’ll find your own inspiration in this video.

Enjoy tips from one of the Best Street Photographers!