10 Best Photography Freebies Of 2020

photography freebie


Photography is the art that requires a lot of patience and effort. Moreover, it becomes a bit challenging for photographers to bring out that perfect picture. But, not anymore! With the following photography freebies, you will not face much hassle while reconstructing your favorite shots.




  • Halloween Overlays

Do you want to make your Halloween pictures a bit scarier? Use these ten photography freebies that will completely transform your Halloween images. You can use the free Photoshop overlays like bats, pumpkins, ghosts, and many others to make your festival memorable.


  • Affinity Photo Presets

If you’re fond of watching movies, you must have thought of converting your pictures into black and white versions, matte and others. Well, now you can! With the help of these Affinity photo presets, you can easily change the overall appeal of the picture. Get access to 24 best photos presets at zero cost.


  • Nude Photo Shoot Guide

This term may sound awkward to some people, but a real photographer knows the meaning of it. A Nude Photo Shoot is not just about sexy clothes or heavy makeup while giving intimate poses. It’s about the fact that how comfortable and confident the person is. The more comfortable the person, the better will be the beauty of the pictures.


  • Lightroom Portrait Presets

Have you ever sensed something missing in a picture? Well, you may not know what it is, but when you use these Free Portrait Presets, you will definitely appreciate them for enhancing your picture. These 20 photography freebies are meant just for portrait pictures. They can help in improving various aspects of the image like color, tone, brightness, contrast, and many more.


  • Street Photography Guide

Being a tourist photographer, it is natural that you will get to click a lot of street pictures. But, if you are new to this, it will take some time for you to develop the required skills. There are a bunch of factors that you need to consider while clicking pictures of the streets. Some of them are the best cameras, framing, angle, space, etc. You can learn all about them in street photography books.


  • Boudoir Photoshop Actions

Boudoir Photoshoot is also popular among photographs. So, those of you who are want to deliver the best results to your customers and build an awesome portfolio. Bring these 15 exciting Boudoir photoshop actions into use and transcend the level of your photography.


  • Mobile Photography Guide

Pictures on your phone might not turn out to be that awesome as on a DSLR. So, if you want to boost your mobile photography skills, here is a premium guide to Phoneography for you. The guide will help you explore various aspects of mobile photography like editing, natural and artificial light correction, prevent camera shakes, and many other factors.



  • Street Photography Presets

If you love to click pictures of streets and want to enhance them for building your portfolio, here are the top 12 free street photography presets for you. These photography freebies not only enhance the quality of your perfect shots, but they are also compatible with various editing software like Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and further.


  • HDR Presets

You will require a lot of time to bring the required luminosity in the images that you produce. Moreover, it may not seem perfect in the end. So, to ease your job of doing this manually, here are the top 10 free hdr lightroom presets. Try them out!


  • Lightroom Guide

Do you want to learn how to use these awesome presets and produce stimulating and high-quality images? If you are a starter in this, you can refer to this lightroom guide and get a brief insight into the elements of photography and editing.


In a nutshell, whether you are a professional or an amateur at photography, the above-mentioned photography freebies and guides will help you get the best at it. Moreover, you will also get to learn about various important tips to make your pictures marvelous. 

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A Chance to Win SHOTKIT Book for FREE!

What is the Shotkit book?
Have you ever wanted to know what camera gear your favorite photographers use? How about wondered why photographers choose camera A over camera B, or lens A over lens B? Everyone knows that a great photo isn’t about great camera gear, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be interested in the tools of the photographers trade!
Shotkit books - tell you what your favorite photographers use Shotkit Book - on Apple Devices
The Shotkit Book features over 30 world class photographers who reveal exactly what camera gear they use on a daily basis. As well as a shot of all their gear neatly laid out (the ‘Shotkit’), each photographer talks in depth about how he or she uses each product, and why each different item has earned a coveted place in their camera bag.
In addition, the Shotkit Book showcases the best work of each of the photographers, all laid out in an interactive gallery, specially formatted for the iPad. (Non Mac users can download a pdf version instead.)
As well as in depth content about camera gear, the Shotkit Book also features over 2 hours of bonus video footage, in the form of actionable tips for you to improve your photography and grow your photography business. You’ll learn 18 tips on improving your wedding photography, mastering photojournalism, and even growing your Instagram fan base.
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Photowhoa’s 2015 Photography Contest

Got a photo you want the world to see? Want more exposure? We want to see your photos. After interviewing over a hundred photographers in the past three years and seeing so many great photographs, we want to see what our readers can do.

Now it’s your turn. We’re inviting you to send us your best Portrait, Landscape, Glamour, or Street photo in one or all four categories. The top four winners and one runner-up in each category will be featured in an interview and win some really cool prizes.

best photography contest - logomixThe Prizes

The Jurors:

best photography contest - photography contest

This year we’ve invited Matt Kloskowski, James Maher, Frank D, and Dan Hostetler to select their favorite photos. Each juror will decide their 4 winners for their category.

  • Matt Kloskowski Matt is the Vice President of Photography for on1 Inc. and a Tampa-based photographer. He’s a best selling author of over 20 books and teaches Lightroom and Photoshop at seminars and conferences around the world. He will be the Landscape juror.
  • James Maher is street photographer based in New York City. His ebook The Essentials of Street Photography has been a best seller amongst the masses. He will be the Street photography juror.
  • Frank Doorhof is a Fashion/celebrity photographer, best selling author and KelbyOne and PSW instructor based in the Netherlands. He will be the Portrait juror.
  • Dan Hostettler is a Glamour and Nude Photographer. His style of nude photography gets inspired from the worlds of Playboy, Maxim, FHM, Victorias Secret, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle and a lot more. He will be the Glamour and Nude juror.

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Beauty Photography Lighting Videos

Beauty Photography lighting setups from Michael Zelbel

Beauty Photography Lighting VideosCreate dramatic and beautiful photos by learning Michael Zelbel’s amazing lighting setups. Zelbel’s informative videos make learning both entertaining and simple. No expensive lighting equipment is required. You’ll learn how to replicate his lighting setups with just speedlights (Zelbel’s lighting tool of choice) and inexpensive light modifiers. The four videos included in this package cover boudoir, dramatic beauty, high fashion, and one-stand lighting.

Lighting setups for your boudoir shoot

In the wintertime, I prefer a bedroom above any other location. So let’s discuss a lighting setup for your boudoir photo shoot! The setup will work for you even in tiny bedrooms and you won’t need a lot of gear. Watch the video to understand the setups and then go try it out yourself.


Dramatic beauty lighting with Speedlights

Here’s a way to achieve a beauty light with some drama in Speedlight photography. You place a shoot through umbrella right above your model. It works wonders – even in small and narrow sets like a group of three models in a regular hotel room.


High-fashion photography lighting with speedlights

Here’s an example of high fashion photography lighting with speedlights. The briefing for this photo shoot was to photograph 6 garments with two models in just two hours.

Setup a “one light stand” … in the hotel?

You don’t need 10 lights to take a great photo. In this video, Zelbel demonstrates how you can take a beautiful photo in a small hotel room with just a one-light setup (via greg). Perfect for a dramatic look and also for bodyscapes.


If you liked these videos then check out more beauty photography lighting tips at SmokingStrobes.com

Why Instagram Works + $30 Discount on Nick Saglimbeni’s Newest Video

Mastering Lighting Photography Techniques with Nick Saglimbeni

I’ve spent a lot of time on Instagram recently. I hadn’t planned on doing this. Far from it, actually. Like all great events in my life, I had just found myself there. I didn’t know how, but I was logged in. So I spent the next two hours peeking about.

Eventually, I was doing what everybody does. I would like a few photographs, then a few more, and when I found a photographer I really liked, I double clicked as many as of hers or his as I could. Satisfied with myself, I logged off and went to bed.

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Quick and Simple DealFuel Memberships Giveaway

Our friends over at DealFuel approached us with a great giveaway. They know you love Photoshop and love getting exclusive deals you can’t find anywhere else. So they said: why don’t we give away 10 of our DealClub memberships — worth over $100 — and bundle them with a free Photoshop texture tutorial (video preview above). For those of you who don’t know DealFuel, they’re a great site that promotes the best tech and web-design products from around the world.

photoshop texture tutorial

So what’s better than free photoshop texture tutorial?

Here’s how you win:

1) Tweet about this page. That’s it. No more, no less.

2) 10 winners will be selected at random.

We’ll update the page with our winners and announce it on our Facebook page!

If Bruce Gilden Critqued Your Photos, This Is What He Might Say

best street photography - Bruce Gilden Critqued

Nobody likes hearing their s*** stinks. No one. Not one single person. Anything you do you do with your entire ability. But imagine having your photographs critiqued in front of millions by one of the best street photography experts who’s known for speaking his mind. Well, Vice being Vice, they created a web series that does exactly that. It’s called, “Take or Leave It with Bruce Gilden”.

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Let’s Talk About Leica’s Newest M-System Commercial

outdoor wildlife photography - Leica camera held by Florian Wagner

Leica’s most recent commercial, co-presented by National Geographic, has taken outdoor wildlife photography to the next level. It’s dazzling. No, it’s numbing. Wait, no, it’s entertaining? I don’t know what I just watched, but for some reason I liked it. Camera tilts. Pans. SWOOSHES. And horses, all the pretty horses. If Michael Bay and Paul Revere were forced — for some unholy reason — to make a Leica commercial, this video would be the result.

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Hey Photographers, Share this Video with All Your Friends

hack atm pin number - Photographers blog

While reading all the photography blogs, I found an interesting post I wanted to share. It’s not about photography. Though, it does touch on that. And it’s not going make you a better photographer. Though, it will make you better person. It’s a video about how hackers hack atm pin number and preventing credit card password hack.

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