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Top Ten Boudoir Photographers In New York

Boudoir photography has been around since the 1920s and though the times (and technology) have significantly changed, the cultural appreciation of a woman’s beauty has not. Originally referring to a room for sulking in, boudoir is now known as a modern day style of glamour photography that focuses on the aesthetic appeal of women.

While boudoir photography sessions are more popular than ever, a majority of women are nervous to share intimate moments with a complete stranger. So it becomes imperative to get a professional boudoir photographer if you’re planning a boudoir photo shoot. A good photographer will not only be able to help you understand how to pose for boudoir photos, he or she will also make it a point that you’re confident with the poses. You can go over the boudoir photo shoot ideas with your photographer as well as discuss what is it that you are comfortable with.

To lend a helping hand, we have compiled a list of the top 10 destinations for Boudoir Photography NYC

Along with contact information, we will also add reviews or tips from the photographers themselves. This compilation is the best of Boudoir Photography NYC and all of the following studios and photographers are highly rated and are very successful.

#10: Sweet Emotion Boudoir Photography – Long Island City, NY

Michael A. from Sweet Emotion says if you are nervous about an upcoming boudoir session, “You are not alone.  Being nervous is completely natural and expected.  We walk you through every step of the shoot from selecting your outfits to helping you pose.  Boudoir photography NYC - Sweet emotion

You only have one job during the shoot, and that is to let us do all of the work!  One of the things I get complimented on regularly is how quickly I can get a client comfortable.  The biggest thing to remember is just to relax and have fun.  If you are having a good time, it will show in the images.”

Michael has shot for Playboy South Africa, Playboy, Sports (, Maxim, FHM, and Esquire, among many others.

You can reach him at or 914-433-1039.

#9: Koren Reyes Photography – New York City, Rhode Island And Surrounding Areas

A native Minnesotan, Koren has worked for the likes of SELF magazine, The New York Times and Woman’s Day magazine, to name only a few. Boudoir Photography NYC - Koren

She shares a few tips you may not have considered, such as not getting a facial 48 hours or less before the shoot time in case of an adverse reaction or avoiding alcohol the day before to avoiding puffy eyes. She also suggests eating lightly or not at all before a tummy

She also recommends eating lightly or not at all before a tummy shot, to avoid having an extra belly bulge.

Victoria S. says, “The shoot was a lot of fun. Koren made me feel incredibly comfortable and was great about directing my poses which I was happy not to have to think of myself. She complimented me, making me feel good about myself at the moment. As someone who is not thrilled with their body, I hoped the shoot would help me learn to love it.

Boudoir Photography NYC - Koren Rayes Photography

Koren Reyes can be reach at or (212) 799-0855.

#8: French Kiss Photography, New York

Boasting several five-star reviews on Yelp here is what the photographer at French Kiss NY has to say: “My name is Irina, and I felt needed while doing this.Boudoir Photography NYC - French kiss photography

With every happy email, with every hug at the end of the shoot, I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be. It is precisely through boudoir photography that I can take women like you and me and give them the opportunity to take the blindfold off and show them who I see in front of me.

Boudoir Photography NYC - French kiss

And with not one dissatisfied client to date, ranging in shapes, sizes, and ages, I am pretty confident that you will be happy with what I show you too!”

Irina’s studio is located at 85 Franklin St, New York, NY 10013 but you should book an appointment by calling (212) 226-0606 or visiting the website at

#7: Your Hollywood Portrait, New York

Raya is a multi-award winning photographer. She won the International Fashion Photography Festival in Cannes (France), has been named Master Hasselblad, and her work has been exposed in Paris, London, Beijing, Dubai and New York.Boudoir Photography NYC - Your Hollywood Portrait

She uses the high-end medium format digital camera Hasselblad HD and the best lighting equipment. S

he specializes in vintage portraits, elegant boudoir, and Old Hollywood portraits.

Raya shares several tips for potential clients, such as “On the day itself, try not to get to the studio at the last minute, it would be a shame to start the session all stressed because you were worried you’d be late.


Boudoir Photography NYC - Your Hollywood Portrait photographer

Of course, it can be equally annoying to have to wait outside the door for 2 hours, afraid to ring the bell because you’re so early.”

She is also quick to point out to not worry or stress; her ultimate goal is to have you relaxed and able to enjoy yourself! Reach Raya at or (646) 209-8198. The address of her studio is 164 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10013 but make sure to book an appointment before showing up!

#6: Jenerations, Long Island City, Queens

Jen Roze, photographer, and owner at Jenerations has this to say on her popular blog: “When you come to me and shed your clothing, and I photograph you, it’s part of the process of living shamelessly. I offer a safe and enjoyable place that allows you to express your unique femininity without any judgements.”Boudoir Photography NYC - jenrations photopgraphy

A review on Yelp by Jess L. states the following about her experience with Jennifer: “Jennifer is great at getting back to emails and did an excellent job getting my album together. She offers multiple packages with different amounts of time for the shoot, the album final product, etc. Relinquish control, and it will be a blast.


Boudoir Photography NYC - jenrations
Jeneration’s studio is in the trendy area of Long Island City, Queens. They also offer shots in many different locations that we choose based on your individual needs.
Book a boudoir session by calling (516) 343-4616 or visiting

#5: Celimages Provocateur, New York City

Celimages Provocateur was featured on the front page of the New York Post, The Today Show and many others.

Boudoir Photography NYC - climages PHOTOGRAPHY “The day of the shoot I was super nervous- something which quickly subsided as we began the shoot. Catherine chatted with me as she guided my poses. I felt so comfortable I almost forgot I was in lingerie! The entire experience was liberating. I cannot thank Catherine, her makeup artist and team enough for the amazing experience and for saving the day!” – Kelly N.
Visit for pricing information. You can also call 1 (800) 292-3092 or email them at [email protected]

#4: Couture Boudoir, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Paris and many more locations!

Critsey Rower is the photographer for this major studio. She is available to travel worldwide (and of course locally!). She describes her shoot style as “sensual and sexy,” and says that she is always up for a challenge. All boudoir sessions include My Beauty Guide, a hair and makeup artist, wardrobe consultant, pose coaching and password protected galleries.Boudoir Photography NYC - Couture Boudoir Photos

“From the moment I met Critsey, she made me feel at ease. I brought multiple outfits, and she chose the ones that she thought would photograph best. She also had a great hair & makeup person that makes you look and feel flawless to start. After the first couple photos, you feel like a natural. She knows just exactly how to pose you and makes it seem easy! Before you know it the session is over, and it was fun!” – Clarissa



 Boudoir Photography NYC - Couture Boudoir Photography

To see more of her work, visit her at or call (704) 777-7707.

#3: Blue Daisy Boudoir, New York City

Boudoir Photography NYC - Blue Daisy BoudoirMariann photographs every boudoir session at Blue Daisy Boudoir. The portraits can be taken at home or on location. Books, enlargements, canvas gallery wraps, greeting cards, and calendars are also available at this studio.

“Mariann was wonderful to work with. She was professional and made me feel so comfortable at the photo shoot. The end product is fantastic!!” – Review made by Ashley on Yelp.
Please contact Mariann for details and full pricing information at [email protected]

#2: Ken Jones Photography, New York

Boudoir Photography NYC - Ken Jones Photos Believe it or not, Ken Jones started his passion for photography with food photography! As a teenager, he attended the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan and his career has done nothing but grown since then. He has been able to photograph a multitude of companies in a variety of industries, including Prai Cosmetics, Fubu Entertainment, Limited Brands, and more.

Boudoir Photography NYC - Ken Jones Photography

Ken says to bring a great attitude and an open mind as well as:
Grooming Supplies – Hairspray, gel or whatever you may use to hold your hair; Hair clips, pins, brushes, combs; Your base color foundation lip gloss and toothbrush
Clothing- A few different shirts or tops, flowing dresses, just things you like in general, very simple jewelry and comfortable shoes.
You can reach Ken at or (212) 964-8240.

#1: Own Your Sexy, New York City

Boudoir Photography NYC - Own Your Sexy photography Own Your Sexy has been seen in People Magazine, The Knot, and plenty more magazines, as well as TV shows. Formally known as Rue Boudoir, this studio is in New York City and focuses primarily on luxury boudoir photography.

With an all-female staff and over 1500 boudoir sessions under her belt, Laura Boyd is a photographer you want to look into.

“This was such an incredible experience, one that every woman deserves! Laura is amazing. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease. More importantly, she had me feeling sexy and confident. She tells you how to pose and look your absolute best. Laura does all of the thinking for you and is phenomenal at what she does.  I loved that we got to go over all the photos together right after the shoot. I love how all of my pictures came out and am looking forward to seeing the final product. Zuleika was also amazing on hair and makeup!! Her service is not one to be missed!!!” Sara W, Yelp review.

Boudoir Photography NYC - Own Your Sexy
Check out the website or give them a call at (212) 564-7430.

However, if you are still confused about how it will turn out, or not sure about the session, then you can do some homework. You can look out for poses and try them at home and get comfortable in skin. I recommend for a list of ideas to share with your photographer, check out Boudoir Posing Guide for Modern Photographers. It’s an in-depth guide that can help you master the craft of boudoir photography with two seasoned veterans, Emily Caldwell and BP4u.

*All of the photographs are a property of the respective website and photographer.

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