Boris FX Optics Review

Boris FX Optics Review – The Photoshop Plugin You Were Waiting For

In this Boris FX Optics review, we take a close, unbiased, and objective look at what many consider as one of the best photo editing software out there to give you a clear verdict on its worthiness.

What is Unique About Boris FX Optics?

The first question on the minds of photo enthusiasts pertains to the USP of this plugin; what is the unique value that it offers? Well, there are plenty!

LOTS Of Filters!

We are clearly not exaggerating while emphasizing the sheer number of filters this Boris FX Optics has.

In all, there are as many as 160 kinds of filters, spread over 9 different categories. 

Now, if that isn’t enough, each of these has single click presets that together magnify the overall creative filter possibilities.

Some prominent examples include multiple color grading presets, unique lighting effects, movie-style simulations in both colors as well as black and white, and much more.

Cover image of boris fx optics software with a man pointing flashlight at the camera

The actual Hollywood presets are especially intriguing. Some prominent examples include:

  • Gone with the Wind preset
  • Independence Day preset
  • Titanic preset
  • Back to the Future preset
  • Apocalypse Now preset
Boris FX Optics Review

Customized Gobo Effects

Now, what are Gobos? These are essentially light shaping tools that have found frequent use in the glamorous world of fashion and portrait photography.

Regular, mainstream photographers have clamored for such effects for eons now. At the same time, they have not been easy to implement due to their delicate nature.

Finally, Boris has incorporated these into its product offering, that too in a manner where adjustability and accuracy are ensured practically to perfection.

Oh, and did we mention that there are as many as 751 of these effects in Boris FX Optics?

best plugin for photographers

Additional Features Of Boris FX Optics

Over the course of our close review of Boris FX Optics, we zeroed in on a number of unique features that render it apart.

For instance, there are multiple brushes available for varied tasks such as erasing, cloning, cropping, masking, and batch processing, among others. 

Batch processing specifically deserves a special mention since it makes it particularly easy to add a certain touch (or perform a distinct task) across multiple images with immense ease.

Target Audience – Who is Boris FX Optics Best Meant For?

Having highlighted its key features, it would be apt to get a sense of this photo editing software’s target audience at this juncture.

Of course, it is meant for photographers in general! But are we looking at a subset of them?

Given our close examination of this powerful plugin, we reckon that it is well suited for digital artists frequently rendering digital touches to their images. Alongside, we also foresee landscape photographers to especially benefit from Boris FX Optics in many ways.

Further, the film stocks presets are likely to appeal to photographers cutting across multiple genres.

So, the bottom line is that a wide range of photographers irrespective of their specialty will find this Photoshop plugin useful in their pursuits.

boris FX optics


Boris FX Optics is priced fairly reasonably at $9 a month for a monthly subscription. The same works out cheaper on an annual basis which is priced at $99 a year.

There is also the option for a permanent license costing $149 that includes 1 year of free upgrades and support. But at, you can grab this plugin at a whopping discount of 50%

Thoughts On The UI

The Boris FX Optics User Interface is akin to Lightroom in many respects, barring the manner in which preferred effects can easily be navigated through and chosen.

demo image of boris fx optics editing interface

We especially liked the way in which the extent of each effect can easily be determined using sliders.

The same goes for colour adjustments as well since they can be selected with complete precision.


There is no doubt that when it comes to powerful and robust plugins for Photoshop, Boris FX Optics makes an excellent choice.

Our assertion is based on a number of factors, including but not limited to the extensive range of filters it offers, its ease of navigation, the Gobo effects that we alluded towards earlier, and of course, the fairly affordable price at which it is offered.

Therefore, when you’re on the lookout for a quality Photoshop plugin that is worthy of being considered as one of the best photo editing software out there, do consider Boris FX Optics.

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