Hello, My Name is Beauty: These are All My Faces

These are All My beautiful Faces

How do you feel about your face? I know you love it. Everything about you is unique. Your look and your smile. The way you blink when you’re excited — the way you frown when no one’s looking — and how you have the biggest eyes in the world. You are beautiful. You are awesome. You are lovely. Your face is unlike anything in your dreams. Or anyone else’s.

But the funny thing is when you average it out, we all kind of look the same (see the photo below via 9gag). It’s both disappointing but also, strangely, a comforting thought. Seeing this means that even the most beautiful among us are just like us: a forehead to chin; an ear to eye; top-bottom scan of whatever geometry and biology schemed long time ago. We all have imperfections — and honestly I wish I was perfectly average.

In case you were wondering, this photo was made from a composite of the women of each country, provided by the tools at FaceResearch.org.

You are lovely & beautifulVia Fstoppers via 9gag.

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