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Product Review: Aurora HDR


No matter how good a photographer you may be – or how top-notch the photographic equipment you may have, there is always something you feel there’s missing when it comes to regular, everyday photos.

It is in these circumstances that HDR photography has come to the fore, wherein there is a whole new level of zeal and zing injected into your photos!

Without getting into too many technical details, suffice it to say that HDR photography (with HDR standing for High Definition Range) refers to a series of photos taken across multiple light and exposure levels (hence the use of the word “range” in the term).

Now, intuitive, capable software is required to make this magic – and Aurora HDR does precisely that!

After all, at the end of the day, you need competent yet easy software for the job, which is exactly what Aurora HDR is all about!


Aurora HDR comes from Skylum (previously known as Macphun), a company which has made its mark for offering outstanding photo-centric applications that do their job perfectly while being particularly easy on the learning curve.

Aurora HDR 2019 is the latest and by far the best version of this software, after the previous year’s equally capable iteration, Aurora HDR 2018, which incidentally was recognized by Apple as the ‘Best Mac App’.

Is Aurora HDR for me?

Frankly, Aurora HDR is for anyone with a passion for vivid photography that stands out from the crowd.

So, if you are someone who:

  • Is tired of run-of-the-mill, grainy photos which we are all subject to (and tired of!) ad nauseum!
  • Would like to produce photos that create a “Wow” reaction among viewers.
  • Likes color and a special vividity in their photos,

Then Aurora HDR is definitely for you!

Aurora HDR UI

A complex UI is unlikely to work for most, even if you have had your way around photographic applications.

In this case, we find an intuitive UI, similar to Lightroom, with an added element of sophistication.

Alongside, there are Photoshop-like touches added to the UI such as masks, layers, as well as blending modes, all of which work towards making your job as easy as possible.

Software Intelligence

Besides the tools on offer as well as the overall UI, you need software that has its own level of dynamism.

That is exactly where we have consistently noted Aurora HDR to be truly remarkable.

Two aspects particularly stand out on this front:

  • A Quantum HDR Engine™
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered Tone Mapping Technology

Together, these aspects work on thoroughly analysing your pictures to eventually merge them in the smartest way possible.

Tools Exclusive to Aurora HDR

The overall capabilities of Aurora HDR are visibly enhanced, thanks to tools that are exclusive to the software. These include:

HDR Smart Structure

This tool is essentially an AI driven smart slider to give you vivid details in your photos, free of undesirable noise or halos.

HDR Clarity

True to its name, this smart tool works on enhancing clarity in your photos, including specific portions that you may choose (and not necessarily the whole photo).

HDR Denoise

This clever tool not only recognizes noise in your photos but removes them too.

One-Click Retouch

A unique facet of Aurora HDR is the way pictures can be retouched with just a single click.

Below, is an image – with a series of dynamic visuals of the same image below it.

We have taken this directly from the Aurora HDR page on

aurora hdr


While the visuals to the bottom are not clickable here – as they are on the source page, they give you a good idea of the way Aurora HDR works.

With just a simple click, you can infuse life into your pictures – that too in so many unique ways!

Proof of the Pudding – ALWAYS lies in the Eating!

Yes, this adage has always been true for so many unique situations – and it is no different in this case too!

Below, we showcase two different “Before” and “After” images, that clearly showcase the difference made by Aurora HDR.

aurora hdr

Before Aurora HDR worked its magic!

aurora hdr

The “aftereffects” of Aurora HDR!

Images Courtesy – Iurie Belegurschi 

Source Link of Images – Aurora HDR 2019 Review (


Below, we showcase two images of the Sydney Opera House, again as “Before” and “After”.

You will distinctly notice the difference made by Aurora HDR!

aurora hdr aurora hdr


When it comes to HDR photography, there is probably no other program that comes close to Aurora HDR in terms of its overall capabilities.

At PhotoWhoa, we have always striven to guide and assist you on your photographic pursuits – with our free Photoshop overlays being an excellent example.

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