Amazing Conversation About Photography That’ll Tickle You Soft

Like my headline says, this is a great conversation about photography, but it’s also about fashion, design, Barack Obama, Daft Punk, film, brand marketing, lucky shirts, and what else? Oh yes portraiture, can’t forget that. This is a great conversation like I said. I really love everything about this video. Even the lighting and set — you can tell a lot of thought was put into it.

When things operate this smoothly and feel like a warm glass of milk, I kinda melt inside. Imagine it like this: you and your friends sitting around a small formica table in somebody’s kitchen — just around midnight — there’s a soft record, or disc, or tape, or youtube video, playing just around the corner, at the edge of earshot, and all of you are engaged, listening, together, talking about something sweet or important, everyone having their part, their say, and you smile knowing this night was one you would remember for the rest of your life.

A bit dramatic but who cares? I love a good conversation, thanks Reserve!

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