Adobe’s Tutorial on Using Curves to Edit for Color and Tonality

Photoshop curves adjustment to improve color and tonality

photoshop curves adjustment - 1

Using curves doesn’t have to be intimidating. In all honesty, it can be as friendly and approachable as Adobe’s own Bryan O’Neil Hughes. Don’t know Bryan O’Neil Hughes? Don’t worry, before this video, I didn’t either. He’s Photoshop’s Principal Product Manager (PPM). And he’s the main attraction in this tutorial, more so than the information. I was astonished at how smooth he is. He’s as TV friendly, as they used to say, as any Adobe guy/gal I’ve ever seen.

But, okay, that’s enough of that. What’s important is the lesson. So if you’ve ever wanted to master using curves in both import and Photoshop, then this simple tutorial will teach you all the paths.

Bryan explains the import and Photoshop curves adjustment in simple steps which seem like a cakewalk.

After it, you’ll know how to bump up highlights and darken shadows, know why the S-curve is important, and understand how this all interacts with your photo’s histogram. But if you’re anything like me (and I hope you are), you’ll also enjoy knowing Adobe can really hire some snazzy-looking PPMs (and can make videos that have first-rate production value)!

Enjoy your Photoshop curves adjustment!

Via Fstoppers.

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