A Newbie-Friendly Guide to Lightroom Presets and Why You Need to Use Them

You just captured a fantastic photo, featuring a beautiful composition, and the angle is perfect. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it any better. There is always room for some editing that can bring out the main elements, sharpness, and color of the image.

free lightroom presets for portraitsNowadays, Adobe Lightroom is one of the easiest and most powerful editing applications.

The software packs a bunch of features that can help you edit your photos with just one click. This is very convenient even when you are new to the world of photo editing and photography in general.

The presets present a big part of the Adobe Lightroom software as they allow you to correct both grades and colors instantly. Thanks to that, what once required hours of editing, now is achieved very fast. Furthermore, Adobe Lightroom Presets can help you organize all of your photo collections.


In this article, we will explain what Lightroom preset is, how it works, and how to make the most of it.


Lightroom presets 101

By definition, a Lightroom preset is an arrangement of settings brought together to achieve a particular style of your photo. With a single click on the preset, photos can be modified in hundreds of preset alterations of grain, contrast, hues, colors, and more.


free lightroom presets for portraitsThe beauty of working with presets is that they simplify the editing sessions like no other photo editing tool, bring consistency style-wise, and can dramatically speed up the workflow.

Furthermore, you can apply one preset to a batch of photos while creating your Style. Later on, you can start picking out different photos that you think can use some manual touch. After all, not all photos can benefit from a single preset evenly.


All in all, Lightroom presets to create an excellent foundation that ensures that every snap is perfect after making a few adjustments.

Five reasons why you need Lightroom presets

If you ask some of the most loyal Lightroom fans, they will probably give you a dozen or more reasons why you need this piece of software. But almost all of them will agree about these five reasons why they fell in love with Lightroom presets and why lightroom presets sales became so popular.

#1 Batch Editing

free lightroom presets for portraitsSometimes even for a single portrait photo session, you may snap hundreds of photos.

Instead of editing photo by photo and spend endless hours of your precious time in the process, one Lightroom preset can largely improve the batch.

Indeed, you will need to work your magic on some individual photos, but that will take even lesser time than editing each photo individually.


#2 Great Selection of Free Lightroom presets

There are free, and premium presets. However, you can get free Lightroom presets for portraits, which for a start and edit your photos like a pro. This can be better suitable for starters as you can get perfectly edited photos for zero dollars.


#3 Consistency

By using one preset for your batch of photos means that you will have a recognizable style and appearance through all photos.

By doing so, you will tie the batch nicely, featuring the same levels of saturation, sharpness, hue, etc.


#4 Customization

Using Lightroom presets doesn’t mean that you get to slap one of them onto a given batch and call it a day. Whether you use free Lightroom presets for portraits, travel, macro, food, or any other category, you can customize each picture and bring it up to your standards.


#5 Variety of Options

There is a popular misconception that freebies can never compare to premiums. Well, that might be relevant for some industries, but when it comes to photo editing, the Lightroom presets for portraits are unmatched.


Here’s everything you can get from one free batch of Lightroom presets for portraits.


Ten must-have free Lightroom presets

  1. B&W Portrait preset: This preset is best suitable for individual portraits as it captures the subject’s best features. Apply this preset and make your images timeless.



  1. Wind Portrait preset: It adds certain dynamics and vibrancy to the picture. The preset is not suitable for outdoor portraits as it can distort some of the original colors. The greenish and yellow tones provide a cheerful vibe to the image.



  1. Old Style Portrait preset: Ideally, it is suitable for portraits whose background needs to be softened up a bit. It gives your images a retro charm while enhancing the textures and colors. We recommend using it frequently for close-up shots.



  1. Sun Flare Lightroom preset: It adds a certain degree of warmth to the photos and improves their clarity. You can enhance the photos with sun flares and rich tones of orange, which is quite appealing.



  1. Cinematic Portrait preset: This preset adds a cinematic effect and has a specific nostalgic vibe attached to it. The photographers can add a cinematic feel and achieve the desired outcome.



  1. Brighten Portrait preset: This one is for indoor and outdoor portraits, as it makes the picture warmer and brighter. The preset is perfect if you have been shooting in low sunlight and don’t want to miss tiny details.



  1. Fall Portrait preset: It enhances the colors of the fall and sets a unique tone reminiscent of the fall. So you can add warm temperature, cozy touch, and clarity with this preset.



  1. Color Pop Portrait preset: If you are looking for more vibrant colors and that young vibe strung to your photos, then you can go for this. This preset also helps you get rid of unwanted shadows.



  1. Best Portrait preset: When you are not sure where to start, you can go with the best Portrait preset for some added magic to every Portrait.



  1. Vintage Portrait preset: Add a retro touch to your photos and wash out your photos with colors and elegance. You can make your pictures stylish and classier with just a few clicks.



Well, that’s all about Adobe Lightroom, Lightroom presets, and how these two make things easier for a photographer. You can download free Lightroom presets for portraits and apply them to bring your pictures to life. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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