A Less than 15 minute Photoshop tutorial to getting more Colorful and Enchanting Eyes

Is Photoshop the best tool as an eye color editor? 

If I had enchanting, bright, and amazingly colorful eyes, I’d take more selfies than all the world combined. I’d also be a movie star. I can already see myself with those eyes that take no prisoners and leave everyone wanting more.

eye color editor - 1

But, unfortunately, I’ve got the average and totally normal ones: dark brown with no hint of hazel or tan. All just mud brown. So you can imagine how grateful I was to have found that I could change all that with a simple Photoshop trick!

Of course, I’m mostly joking. I love my eyes, but I do appreciate knowing I could always enhance them by learning a simple technique from Phlearn.

In this less-than-15 minute tutorial, you’ll be able to watch Photoshop – the best eye color editor achieve color, sharpness, and brightness to anyone’s eyes.

But beware though. Because as the grandfather from Spiderman said, with much power comes much responsibility. Nobody wants that dead Barbie look. Use discretion with your amazing Photoshop magic.


Via PetaPixel.

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