7 Cheap Household Items You Need in Your Gearbag

DIY Photography tips using household objects

The passion for photography is an expensive pursuit. First, before buying anything else, you need to buy a camera body. And we all know that this isn’t something you cut corners on.

DIY Photography tips using household objects

Then, after dropping a few hundred, you have to buy your newest lens, and this baby isn’t cheap, either. And then when you think you’re all done, you realize you’ll need to buy more gear. More lights, more stands, more reflectors, more!

That’s why I want to share this video with you. Obviously, you probably know some of these DIY tips and tricks already, but if you find at least one you didn’t, then I’ve done my job.

That’s because these are pretty cool DIY solutions. Ones that actually make sense and probably become some things you’ll use. Like the beer cosy one, who would’ve thought a great lens protector was always in your hand without watching this? It’s ingenious! So glad the internet exists.


Enjoy these DIY Photography tips using household objects via PetaPixel.

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