5 Free Spicy Lighting Setups from Dan Hostettler

Free Video Tutorials & Posts from Dan Hostettler

Dan Hostettler has always been one of our favorites. He is one of the best nude photographers around. Getting straight to the point, below are 5 videos that will help you gain insights into his super talented shoots.

dan hostettler - Dan Hostettler's Free Spicy Lighting Setups
Damn Sexy!“ 1-Light Setup with Octobox (NSFW)
feat. Czech Playmate Coxy Dominika

Dan Hostettler - Light Setup with Octobox

This “how-to” video and extensive article comes fully packed with demonstrative details of an easy but alluring lighting setup.

All Dan Hostettler used – aside from his camera – was an octobox, a high ladder, an attractive floor and – lucky him! – Czech Playmate Coxy Dominika.

5 Minutes FREEMIUM “How To” Video / Tech Specs / Result Imagery & Contact / 3D Lighting Simulation

Sensual Beauty” 1-Light Setup with Octobox and a Shower Curtain
feat. Melisa Mendini

Dan Hostettler - Sensual Beauty


Creating sensual series means taking variations of candid and posed photographs of the subject partly dressed or in lingerie.

Learn and observe in this free full length tutorial how Dan Hostettler implements a sensual sexy look with the support of the gorgeous Melisa Mendini – soft, seductive and elegant with a touch of class!

Get Your 16 Minutes Exclusive Free Tutorial!

Natural Beauty, Grace & Appeal: The Blonde Glam Model At Home” 3-Light Setup with 5 Shower Curtains (NSFW)

Dan Hostettler - Natural Beauty

Confidence & Heart Create Sexiness. Explore that there’s something special behind every women’s pretty façade. Dan Hostettler’s different Black & White Nudes are driven by soft tonalities and charming personalities. No overdone beautifying and styling.

And – due to lack of any budget – he shot at his home place!
This is just a great DYI approach.

Fast Glam with Beauty Dish” 1-Light Setup (NSFW)
feat. Melisa Mendini

Dan Hostettler - Fast Glam with Beauty Dish

Learn how to shoot a fast and very alluring glam series with just one light and modifier. All you need is a beauty dish with grid, an “emotional” background and your model.

Sexy Melisa Mendini did a fantastic job and delivered super bold expressions!

5 Minutes FREEMIUM “How To” Video / Tech Specs / Result Imagery & Contact / 3D Lighting Simulation
“Nude Jenni’s UFO Sighting: A Nerd’s 1-Light Setup” (NSFW)
feat. Jenni Czech

Dan Hostettler - Nude Jenni’s shoot

A simple setup creates some amazing results! The star was undoubtedly Jenni Czech yet the lighting design and an UFO played quite a big role as well.

1 light, 1 beauty dish with grid, 20 minutes time.

Check out the light setup implementation, the background story and the awesome imagery Dan Hostettler captured right before Jenni got beamed up, fully clothed in her birthday suit…

Tech Specs / Result Imagery & Contact / 3D Lighting Simulation / 2D Setplan

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