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11 Enchanting Sky Overlays to Magically Transform your Photos

Sky overlays add a magical touch to photos which is simply unparalleled. That is the reason; so many photographers like you are constantly on the lookout for sky overlays which will provide a whole new element of charm to your photos.

But the question is which sky overlay to opt for?

Well, there is no clear cut answer to that. There are many captivating sky overlay options to choose from, all of which are enigmatic in their own right.

Accordingly, in this post, we share 11 of the most enthralling sky overlays out there which are sure to add a touch of magic to your photos, ensuring that they stand out in more ways than one.

  • Dreamy Overlays

dreamy sky overlays

When you are looking for relatively simple yet attractive sky overlays, then dreamy overlays make an excellent choice. Perchance you happen to have images with rather low contrast, these sky replacement overlays would be especially suited. Ultimately, images with a punchiness – which you had always dreamt of, that truly bring images in landscape mode to life, is what you get with dreamy overlays.


  • Lightning Overlays

lightning sky overlays

If there is one pictorial aspect that can easily add an element of drama into images, that is lightning. It is for this very reason that lightning overlays are so eagerly sought after by photographers and photo enthusiasts alike.

Fun Fact: While the saying goes that lightning never strikes twice, with lightning overlays, you can have lightning striking innumerable times!


  • Long Exposure Overlays

long exposure

The idea behind long exposure sky overlays is to give an element of motion to still photos. Looking at them, one gets the impression that there is simply no end to the sky, with the subject itself being in a constant state of motion. Thus, the aspect of drama alluded to in the previous, ‘lightning overlay’ would apply in this case as well.

Think of long exposure Photoshop overlays as a means to incrementally enhance both the visual appeal as well as the long-term recall value of photos.


  • Pastel Overlays

pastel sky overlays

Pastel overlays typically add a touch of pink to the skies in your photos, although other similar shades are also an underlying possibility. Over time, as you use this particular sky overlay, you will find it tremendously useful for overexposed images.

Visual receptivity in images with a pastel overlay especially tends to be quite high.


  • Romantic Overlays

romantic sky overlays

Often, many of us end up scratching our heads, wondering what exactly is it that is missing in our images, only to ultimately discover that it is romance! Yes, that touch of love, that allure of a kiss, that glaze of togetherness…these are things which are often just not there in our photos!

Well, romantic overlays are the perfect solution in all such situations. If you are a wedding photographer, then romantic overlays are a virtual must!


  • Rainbow Overlays

rainbow sky overlays

Why be limited as far as the colors in your photos go, when you can have the entire VIBGYOR spectrum, present in rainbows?

Well, rainbow overlays are Photoshop overlays that proffer a Rainbow in your photos, giving a genuinely magical touch to them. In case you have images amidst rain (especially after it has rained) these overlays are tailor-made for them.

The biggest charm by far with these overlays is the wide range of colors they manage to give to your photos.


  • Stormy Overlays

stormy sky overlays

Remember the drama we referred to in the case of lightning overlays above? Well, here we are going a step further by bringing in an element of tension into our photos.

As a photographer, you will simply love stormy overlays, especially since the resultant visual appeal is not only dramatic but also very tense (in an exciting way!).

Photographer Tip – All budding photographers may kindly note a tip coming from no less than the pros; rev up the contrast on your stormy overlay sky replacement photos. You will instantly notice a brilliant hue in their texture, while also giving them an unmistakable zeal.


  • Sunset Overlays

sunset sky overlays

While we all adore sunset photography, capturing such pictures perfectly often proves to be an ordeal even for the best photographers.

That is exactly where sunset overlays come to the rescue providing you with a wealth of Photoshop overlays with the sun gently wafting away.

Not-so-Fun Fact: Most sunset photos do not come out as well as we envision.

Super-Fun Fact: Sunset overlays do their magic brilliantly to ensure that your sunset photos ALWAYS stand out without exception!


  • Night Sky Overlays

nighttime sky overlays

Among the numerous options of sky overlays that we have at our disposition, night sky overlays have a distinctive appeal of their own. This is especially true because they add life into what would otherwise quite likely be a dull image.

Not only that, often, night time photos come with limitations of low light. Night skies overlays help overcome such limitations with remarkable ease.

Disappointed with no stars in the skies? Don’t worry; night sky overlays will magically deliver stars in the skies for you!


  • Dramatic Overlays

dramatic sky overlays

These are a set of sky replacement overlays that add a unique element of drama unlike any other, including lightning overlays mentioned previously.

In many ways, these enigmatic sky overlays combine many of the overlays that we have already covered above, with an extra touch of drama!

For instance, if you are looking for night skies with lightning in them or sunsets with rainbows, then dramatic overlays would be just the way to go.


  • Northern Light Overlays

northern light sky overlays

The Northern Lights – or Aurora Borealis as they are scientifically known as, are a unique constellation of lights seen in high latitude places such as the Scandinavian countries.

Now, while a lot of us yearn to capture these magical Northern Lights with our lenses, not everyone can easily get there. That is where Northern Light overlays really do their magic, ensuring that your pictures have the backdrop of Aurora Borealis in the skies.


Sky overlays add an unmistakable zest to your pictures which is simply unequaled. Explore this bundle of 1000 unique sky overlays to try your hands on.

Whether you are a novice photographer trying to learn the ropes of quality photography, or a seasoned professional looking to up the ante on your quality of output, sky overlays clearly make a world of difference!

Which of the sky replacement options we shared above, appeals to you the most?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below! 👇

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