10 Easy Photoshop Tips Every Beginner Should Know

10 Easy Photoshop tips from Terry White

Terry White is one of my favorite YouTube personalities. He’s not about cats, food reviews, unboxing videos, or pranking strangers. He’s the voice you go to when you need to learn about any — ANY — Adobe product.

Easy Photoshop Tips - Screenshot from 2017-02-13 09-12-24

Personal example, I was asked to learn InDesign recently, and I had no clue where to start. So I did a little research and found out that Terry White’s videos were the go-to beginning source.

After that one video about InDesign, I was able to make a decent mockup. In just one video. So guess what I have for you?

Yes, it’s a video made by the man, the genius, the Adobe evangelist himself, Terry White. In this one, you’ll learn the 10 easy Photoshop tisp every beginner NEEDS to learn about Photoshop. It’s similar to the Indesign video — it’s great. Now go learn some Photoshop.


Via PetaPixel.

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