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10 Best Transparent Photoshop Overlays You Must Try

Photoshop overlays are an absolute must-have if you want to make your social media posts stand out or add some magic to your photos. They are usually a texture or an image you add to a photo to alter the colors and add a special effect to the photograph itself.

Transparent overlays can make an average image look stunning in just a couple of clicks.

And the best part is that this tool is super easy to use – you don’t have to be a professional photo editor to incorporate transparent overlays and improve an image.

Having transparent overlays makes photo editing way quicker. You are free to move an overlay around as you wish and model it to fit the image without worrying about removing the background. While you can make the transparent overlays yourself, there are already so many of them online you can use right away.

With so many different transparent overlays to choose from these days, you might feel a bit lost. So the best thing you can do is get a collection of transparent overlays that suits you or your brand and start playing with Photoshop. We have selected some of our personal favorites, and you can read more about them below.

4 Elements

Just like its name suggests, these transparent overlays combine colors inspired by the four natural elements. They can completely change the mood of your image, giving it more warm tones where needed. These overlays are suitable for color corrections since they can lighten up the whole photo.


Alchemy is an excellent overlay if you want to make your photos more unique and special. The duo chrome abstract shape will enrich an image and turn it into a magical masterpiece. The transparent background comes in handy here because you can position the swirls anywhere within the photo.

Blue Lights

This incredibly versatile overlay can be used for social media ads, photoshop creations, or making your photos look ethereal. Blue Lights is an overlay with abstract blue smoke that elegantly swirls around. You can model it around a subject or create a whole new different atmosphere within the image.

Dark Magic

If you like Halloween and all things gothic, you have to try Dark Magic transparent overlays. With a self-explanatory name, they are perfect for adding a touch of darkness to your photography. You can make these overlays look like a ghostly demon, or even a black magic spell, depending on your vision and creativity.


Do you want dramatic flair mixed with mysticism and legends? The Dragon overlay instantly makes every image look almost supernatural. Besides adding more texture to your photo, you can experiment quite a bit with these overlays to get the desired effect and bring the lighting to a whole new level.


Accentuating the mood could be tricky sometimes, but Fairy overlay makes it super easy. The soft light and subtle effects create an atmosphere that is out of this world – just like fairies. Fairy transparent overlays are suitable for use on both outdoor and indoor photographs, depending on your vision and imagination.


Having a Fire overlay in your arsenal is an absolute must for every graphic designer or photo editor. You can do so much with these classic transparent overlays – from enhancing colors to creating different texture. Gorgeous results are almost guaranteed, depending on the layer blending mode you select.

Galaxy Waves

Even though Galaxy Waves overlay might look too abstract, you will be surprised to discover how versatile it is. It is almost obligatory for anyone interested in digital art since you can use it for various edits, especially for ads and social media. So if you are after a futuristic look, this overlay might be what you need.


Phoenix is the symbol of regeneration, and burning flames are closely associated with it. Whether you want to add some warm tones to your photos, or just fire, these transparent overlays should work well. You can adjust the size and position of the fiery details to suit the theme of an image.

Silky Rainbow

There is nothing better than adding a splash of color to your photos. The Silky Rainbow transparent overlays can give you that while keeping the image as elegant and smooth as possible. This light overlay will enhance your art and make it more noticeable.


If you like experimenting in Photoshop and you are also obsessed with space, Starlight transparent overlays can come in handy when making intergalactic edits. The purple shades seamlessly blend with orange to create an otherworldly effect and make your image look like a masterpiece.

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