Photoshop Tutorial: How to Remove Wrinkles (Not That There’s Anything Wrong With Them)


It seems like I’m crushing real hard on Phlearn right now. Another video to show you, another paragraph explain how great they are. Although in this video, I have one issue, I think. It’s nothing big, nothing too serious. It’s more a disclaimer I have put at very beginning: wrinkles aren’t bad!

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Jessica Lehrman Interview: Capturing Stories You’re Meant to Tell

Jessica Lehrman

On page SR6 of Sunday’s New York Times, an article appeared with the headline “A Family Hits the Road”. In it, documentary photographer Jessica Lehrman writes about a 3,365 mile journey taken this past summer with her family. The article begins: “Rusted Root’s song ‘Send Me on My Way’ is blaring as my sister, Cassidy, winds our little Nissan Sentra through the serpentine roads of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. The fresh basil my dad bought as a ‘car freshener’ is wilting on the dash . . . ”

Lehrman goes on to write about her childhood, of moving town-to-town in a RV, and about hiking canyons, handling rattlesnakes, and finding herself on the road — all between the ages of nine and twelve. But tucked at the very end, sounding as a whisper or a dedication, is a sentence about a small tattoo written on her wrist. This tattoo is a word, and the word a symbol. For her family, though, it’s a dedication: Gypsy.

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Instagram Users: Meet Your New Best Friend


If creating beautiful timelapses means a lot to you, and you also happen to own an iPhone, then you are about to fall in love with a new app. It’s called Hyperlapse. Released yesterday, Hyperlapse allows you shoot timelapses without worrying about how shaky your video’s going to be, or whether you have the thumb dexterity to pull it off. It makes shooting timelapses much easier.

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Nobody Will Punch You if You’re Smiling, Says Street Photographer Thomas Leuthard

If you want to keep your street-photographing experiences pleasant, you can’t forget to smile (or else just go out with a group), says well-known street photographer Thomas Leuthard. Now, of course, Leuthard isn’t saying you’ll avoid all confrontations while shooting street photography simply by smiling, but most bad encounters, Leuthard thinks, only happen because either the photographer or the person-being-photographed has dismissed positivity and adopted a bad attitude.

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A Day on Set: Janna Park’s Fashion Shoot

Janna Park

A while back, we had the chance to interview fashion photographer Janna Park. In that interview, I rambled on about sad movies and her work’s intimacy (you know, the usual dramatic flairs I never put down). Anyway, we really liked her work, so when she asked if we’d like to feature her again, we said, “Sure, but can we do something different?”

Different means different things to different people. Differences are just similarities for different things. For example, I love reading poetry, and assuming you’re mature and saved yourself from suffering from it, you probably don’t, so we might have that difference between us, but in reading poetry, I’m also similar to someone who loves poetry (these are my most special people). But different right now, for this particular article that you’re reading, means that this interview isn’t really an interview. It’s, well, an interview + MORE!

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Catherine Scrivener Interview: The Beauty of Photographing Life’s Many Small Moments

Catherine Schrivener

If you divide your life into its many great movements, you’ll find a year, or maybe more, to every great change in your life. Then, if you continued and repeated — separating from these movements, these parts of a song, your life’s similarly themed notes — you’ll find, from the years, the days you considered your worst; days where nothing could be better. Then, it all again: dividing, separating, repeating.

After some time, you’ll see your days separated into its many small moments. And you’ll soon discover in these small moments even more smaller impressions. At the end, you’ll see your life’s enormity divided into its indivisible instances. You’ll have reached the fabric of memories, the instances of one smile, one word, one image: you’ll have arrived at the language of photography.

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Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create Naturalistic Lens Flares


When shooting outdoors and facing the sun, or backlighting in a studio, the option to include a lens flare is always there. But that doesn’t mean your best photo from that shoot included it. If you’ve ever wanted to go back and include a lens flare, or another beam of light, then, with this Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to do that, naturalistically.

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